2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing Update

We understand the fact that the Call-Up Letter Printing  is one of the important period every prospective corpers will go online to get theirs. Most of you whose name fall into Stream 2 are yet to get updates to know when and how to print your 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing.

On this page you will see the full steps on 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing online. It’s very simple, and its free also.

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Meanwhile some of you are bother to know when your nysc batch a stream 2 call-up letter print is going to commence. As of today this news was released, the call-up letter for stream 2 portal is still not ready.

2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing

This is how you know

  1. Logo to http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/
  2. enter your email address and password
  3. click the “resume”

But because its not yet time for you guys to start printing your call up letter, you will see a notice like this; “You will be notified when to print your call-up letter because you are not in stream I

2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing

Assume the call-up letter is now available, once you log in to your NYSC account you will see the link asking you to print your call-up letter

I hope you understand all that has been explained concerning 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing Update? But if you have any question, try using the comment box below, so that you can be assisted.

As soon as the printing start we shall give you guys another update here.

Good Luck.


  1. Please I’m hearing rumour regarding stream 2 batch A Corp Members that it’s being postponed to Nov as batch B, how through is that pls

    1. Its not true. We have not gotten any information like that.

  2. Date on when to print call up letter is included in the text sent to some people that are in stream 2 while some people like me the date is not included. I hope am in a safer hand . Thanks please reply me I just want to be sure of my stand.

    1. There is no issue with that. Once the link or portal opens for all stream 2 to start printing their call up letter. Ever you and ur other friends will also print starting from that day with others aswell

  3. My name was not spelled correctly, and I hav apply yet it has refuse to change what do I do plssss?

    1. How did you apply for the correction of miss-spelled name?? Well your institution suppose to help you process this, but if they can’t do it then you have to go to NYSC Abuja headoffice for the correction your self. And that will be faster.

  4. Dear Felix, because you are not in stream 1, you will be notified when to print your call up letter… What does that mean? No date included…… Are my safe at all ?? Pls I need a cool calm reply that should be positive!!!

    1. Hahahahaha. You don’t have an issue at all the 1st – telling you that your are not in stream 2 meaning that you are all of you in batch A but stream two (who will be going letter) show that your call up letter is yet to be ready for printing. You should know that every Batch has stream 1 and stream 2. so do not be scared no issue.

  5. Plz I was not sent any messages indicating may be am steam 2 or not and print call up letter is not on my NYSC page wen I log in to my account plz am I save

  6. Please I heard printing of callup letter will commence tomorrow.Pls how through is it.

  7. My name was misspelled, I went to the NYSC secretariat to complain, they advised me to bring an evidence that bears my original name and a court statement (affidavit) . Am I safe?

  8. sorry sir/ma, i thought the call up letter we be started be printing today as people expected yes or no?

  9. Is thhe 21st of may still the day for the commencement of stream 2 batch A?and pls why are we not given an equal opportunity like our mates who got their messages atleast one week before the comencement of stream1? Am demoralised about the whole issue called nysc I never thouhgt its so frustrating.pls someone talk to me else am loosing my sleep

  10. Gud day sir, the call up letter is not yet ready accepted, I want to ask if is going to affect or change d date of orientation camp. Be sincere sir. Thnk u

    1. well until the printing start before we all, including you can know that

  11. When are we to begin this printing of stream 2 call up letter?

  12. Good evening, please is stream 2 still commencing camp by nxt wk sat being 21st of May ?

  13. There is a mistake in my date of birth,instead of 15 april 1987,what was written there is 01 april 1987,pls I hope this won’t give me a problem at the camp?

    1. You have to go to any court office around you and get a document that will back you up for that

  14. I beg of you,time is precious to me. Ramadan is getting nearer. Are we going to do an exercise during the fasting period. Or to running up and down when it is getting too late. Pls do things before the fasting. Thanks

    1. No clear data yet. But we are predicting it start from this new week. Just get ready for our update here

  15. Pls sir i did not see any text message am i safe?

    1. You are self. There is no issue. You should understand the level of coordination of things in this country, Nigeria. Am so sorry for the delay and confusions also. This was one of the major reason we had listed how to check your call up letter status online at the official website. We have not gotten also a clear date to start printing the letter but once it starts you guys will also be informed via our website here, http://www.DailiesRoom.com

  16. Some said 13th was sent to them as the date to start printing their call up letter as prospective stream 2 corps member and up till now the call up letter have not been sent, when are we certain to print the call up letter?

    1. Am so sorry for the delay and confusions also. This was one of the major reason we had listed how to check your call up letter status online at the official website. We have not gotten also a clear date to start printing the letter but once it starts you guys will also be informed via our website here, http://www.DailiesRoom.com. So do not really mind the sms sent to people cos its scam. Just focus and get the real update

  17. Please I need to know the date for the printing of stream 2 call up letter for batch A

    1. In the real sense the printing should have started since yesterday 14/05/2016. But you guys should still keep on watching for our latest update on this matter here, http://www.dailiesroom.com. But we got rumors people are spreading around that stream 2 will go for service by Sep. Pls neglect such talks cos they are not offical. But the truth is that You all are likely to start printing your letter this week.

  18. Am really confused please. On my dashboard there’s nothing that indicates that i’m in stream 1 or 2. And to make matters worse, I didn’t receive any message either. The only message I got from nysc was when they sent me my call up number after registration. Please I need a cool and calm clarification because I’m the most confused PCM in Nigeria right now.

  19. I heard pcm who choose IDP states and also d once with date on der sms(from nysc) will be the once to go on the 21st while those wit no date will be going in July or november, is dis tru? Pls reply. Tnks

  20. Goodday, pls, i would like to know when Batch B is to commence, pls we would like to know when camping is to still to commence this year because we have been hearing different reports and stories about it.

  21. Hy! pls r we printing nysc call-up letter dis weeek?or july?

  22. I heard. Dat dey ave postpone stream2 date 21th may to june 6. Is it true plz reply

  23. Pls ooo is it true that senates are still sitting on Batch A stream 2? And why is the link for call up letter nt going cos am yet to print my letter. Lastly is it true that not all states are going to ave stream? Pls I need cool answer to ave a rest of mind. Thanks

    1. all stream 2 are also yet to print theirs. just wait till the news is released

  24. Please is it true they have change the date for batch a stream 2 orientation camp to may 25th?

  25. Please is it true they have change the date for batch a stream 2 orientation cam

  26. But I think someone should get the actual truth from nysc so we can all know why our call up is being delayed. Please Dailies room, could you help PCM seek out the real cause of the delay?

  27. At last the website is open, i’m so happy n relief now.tnx for ur info

  28. Is true the website have been open for call up letter printing? As Martha posted? Pls dailiesroom help us get the correct info. Thanks. You are doing a great job.

  29. Evening sir, this is the message i received form NYSC this evening said please we regret to inform you that the 2016 Batch A Stream 2 in all States including those posted to Adamawa, Borno and Yobe in stream 1 for orientation course has been postponed due to logistic reasons. A new date will be communicated to you due course. please accept our sincere apologies NYSC management. Those the message real?

    1. I got the same msg too dis morning… please is dis true?

  30. Oga Dailiesroom, I got this same message as I woke up this morning. It came in the same way other NYSC messages come in. How can u still insist that this is not from NYSC? Pls sir, don’t just deny a report. Try and find out the authenticity before denying anything. There’s a reason we come to you to complain.

    1. I did not say the message wasn’t real. I only try inform you guys to be focus on the latest updates cos today in Nigeria many fake sms do come around. Go to the websiate now and print your call up letter

  31. Mr Dailiesroom, how can we believe because some people said they didn’t see any message and those that seen the message have confused. please how can we believe?

  32. I saw same msg oooo pls dey should let us knw if we are still going or nt cos we are tired of suspence ooooo.

    1. No date has been announced yet. So Sorry for that…

  33. I was posted for stream 1 but due to the delay from school I didn’t make it. What can I do pls to join stream 2

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