Pokemon Go sneak peaks release by Niantic and tease Mewtwo release date – Most lovely fans of Pokemon Go Game really knows that the world of Pokemon Go has recently expanded to 31 new countries which are mostly African countries and includes countries like South Africa and Egypt. As Pokemon Go teasing quite a bit of new content fans of the game are sure to be happy with what Niantic is planning for Pokemon Go as New information suggests that Ditto is actually an African exclusive Pokemon.

Niantic Release Pokemon Go sneak peaks and Tease Mewtwo Release date

Niantic Release Pokemon Go sneak peaks and Tease Mewtwo Release dateSome users predict it could be launching on October 10th. Following the revealing information about what’s coming in the next Pokemon Go update and Niantic has commented that this will be arriving very soon with an amazing update that include a new Capture Bonus system that gives users a bonus for catching certain types of Pokemon based on the medals they have, it’s unknown if this system will mean they appear more.

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However, According to NEUROGADGET.NET The Training at Friendly Gyms will also be receiving an update so that players will now be able to bring a full team of six to battle at them; in addition to this,  the CP level of the defending Pokemon may be lowered to match the player’s Pokemon. These changes will allow all players to train the Friendly Gyms in their area and won’t just limit it to high-level players

Following the John Hanke statement, the Niantic CEO made it very clear that the next update for Pokemon Go will include the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, Mew and the trio of Legendary Birds. Niantic CEO John Hanke further explained that this Pokemon would be arriving in special events, however, what these events are haven’t been revealed just yet.

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