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Etisalat is Now 9mobile – The well Known telecommunication Network no longer bears the name Etisalat has they have moved to the next level. In the view of it all their new name -9mobile means alot, 9 is significant with nature, the start of life, time of birth. Checking From it’s entry into the market 9 years ago to it’s evolution 9 years after, They are still 0809ja as we all Know. Now we want to Share with you the 9mobile details you Should Know, and that includes 9mobile data plan.

The Telecommunication is here for you, rebranded for you because it is all about you. If you are among those using the network before the recent change of name and Website, do not worry has they have Migrated all Etisalat Subscribers to 9mobile. For the reason of this, it is good you know the 9mobile Website and Probably it’s Logo.

Meanwhile we will also be looking at it’s Data Plan and Subscription Codes as it has the Best and affordable data Plan for your Effective and Fastest Browsing.

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9mobile Logo

The logo represents resilience and continuity, particularly of digital technology and continued impact on communication and human interactions. It also reflects the network’s futuristic slant.

The colour green, both its light and dark variants, reflects vibrancy, life and youth, as well as the brand’s “Nigerian-ness”.

Here is the Logo:9mobile Logo | 9mobile Official Website | 9mobile Data Plan/Subscriptions

9mobile Official Website

The Official Website for 9mobile is www.9mobile.com.ng

9mobile Data Plan/Subscriptions

  • 10MB Daily Data Plan

To Subscribe for the 9Mobile Daily 10MB Data Bundle: Dial *229*3*8# or alternatively, Send MI3 to 229. Cost only N50.

  • 50MB daily Data plan

To Subscribe for 9Mobile daily 50MB: Dial *229*3*1# or Send MI1 to 229 through SMS. Cost only N100.

  • 200MB Weekly data Plan

To Subscribe for the 9mobile weekly 200MB, Dial *229*2*10# or Send LCD to 229. Cost N200

  • 500MB Monthly Data Plan

To Subscribe for the 500MB monthly plan, Dial *229*2*12# or Send LCD2 to 229 via SMS. Cost N500

  • 1GB Weekend data Plan

To Subscribe for the 1GB Weekend Plan: Dial *5995*2#. Cost N500

  • 1.5GB Internet Plan (Valid for 1month)

To Subscribe for the 9Mobile 1.5GB internet Plan, Dial *229*2*7# or Send AND1 to 229. Cost N1000

  • 3.5GB Internet Bundles (Valid for 1month)

To Subscribe for the 3.5GB, Dial *229*2*8# or Send AND2 to 229. Cost N2000

  • 6.5GB data Plan (Valid for 1month)

To Subscribe for the 9Mobile 6.5GB: Dial *229*2*33# or alternatively, send AND3 to 229. Cost N3500

How to check 9Mobile data balance

To check 9Mobile data balance Simply dial *228#

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