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Pakistan International Airlines Job Opportunities are Numerous in the Airline Company. An airline with a high expectation to Employ suitable Applicants who can serve their Customers with the Best of airline Services, is out with several Job Positions for Qualified Applicants from around the Globe who are talented and Motivated to fly the world While carrying out their Job.

Pakistan International Airlines is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan and It’s Job Vacancies are released in Weekly and Monthly basis Seeking for Applicants that are Ready with the dreams of Flying round the Globe.

Job Appointments in the airline Company is according to merits; No Discrimination in gender, race, color, ethnic origin, religion, or disability. If you are qualified you can Apply.

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Apply Now: Pakistan International Airlines Job Opportunities

To apply for any Job Position in the airline Company; there are basic steps that ought to be taken; Locate the Job Vacancy, Download and Fill the Application Form and Send it to the authorities.

Now will will analyze each steps for you.

⇒ Locate the Job Vacancy

  1. Simply Click on of Vacancies
  2. A list of Available Jobs Will be displayed to you; Remember: Vacancies are Uploaded Weekly or Monthly basis, Incase you don’t see current One yet, You can Check back later
  3. Click on any one that suits you. It will Open listing all the requirements and Procedures for that particular Job.

See Next Step below:

Download and Fill the Application Form and Send it to the Authorities

Now Download the form here.

Fill the form Downloaded above with your Correct details: Your Personal Information, Qualification, Professional Training, Employment Record if any, Achievement, References, Declaration , Then Signature & Date

Sending it to the Authorities

After filling the form send your application to:
Manager Recruitment & Placement

PIA Recruitment and Placement Office

Near the PIA Training Center

Karachi Airport -75200


Please note that you will be contacted only if you are short-listed.


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