Amazon Password Requirements For New Amazon Account Sign Up

Do you want to know the Amazon password requirements needed to create a secure Amazon account? Then here is an article you should read carefully to know more about the requirements needed to get an account secured and running without a third party being able to break-in to your account.

It is advisable to choose a strong password whenever you want to create an account on Amazon or even for any online platform that will require some of your personal information. Your password is a gateway to your account and when you don’t make it right in terms of securing it, another person can have access to your account.

So in choosing your password, there are some requirements it has to meet to make your account secured which is what I will be teaching you in this article, and if you’ve not created an account yet, you will also be able to do so after reading this article.

In most cases, it is good to change your password once in a while so as to keep it very much secured. As recommended, you can change it every 30 to 60 days just like the Facebook recommended way of changing your password. Without much ado, see the requirements needed when you need to choose a strong password for your amazon account.

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Amazon Password Requirements

  1. Your password must not be easy to guess
  2. Your password must be at least six (6) characters
  3. Use a combination of numbers and letters e.g rainbow2!%
  4. The password you use on Amazon must be different from the one you use on other accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  5. Make sure that when you are using a new password, it should not the same with the old one

New Amazon Account Sign Up

Since you’ve seen the requirements needed to make your account secured, let me walk you through the steps needed to create an account with ease with a secured password.

  • Go to the official website of Amazon at and click on Account & lists at the top right side of the page
  • At the bottom of the sign-in page, select “Create your Amazon Account”
  • On the next page, enter your name and valid email address
  • Then create a six (6) characters password and re-enter it in the space provided for it (make sure you choose a password that a third-party can not easily guess)
  • Click on Create Your Amazon Account

Amazon Login ( Sign in)

When you want to sign in to your Amazon account, the steps below are very much easy to make use of.

  1. Go to and click on Account & Lists at the top right corner of the page
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Amazon account (phone for mobile accounts) and click on “continue’
  3. On the next page, enter your password and hit the ‘login’ button

With the steps above, your account will be created successfully. But as a result of this article which is dealing mainly with choosing a password, make sure you adhere to the password requirements given above and your account will be secured always.

Resetting Amazon Forgotten Password

if you can no longer remember the password you used when you first created an account on the platform, you can simply reset it provided you have the email or phone number you used in creating that account. Just take the steps below.

  • On the sign-in page, click on the “Need help” link
  • Select the forgot your password link and enter the email address or mobile phone number associated with your Amazon account
  • Then click on Continue and you will be sent a link to successfully reset your account with ease.

Meanwhile, whenever you access your account from a public computer, make sure you log out when you are done with the platform. See the logout steps given below

How To Log Out Of Amazon

  • On your dashboard, hover over the account & lists link at the top right
  • Select “Sign Out” from the drop-down menu and you will be signed out of your account

Do you have any questions on this Amazon Password Requirements For New Amazon Account Sign Up? feel free to relate it with by using the comment box below.


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