American Visa Lottery Application Portal 2016-17 Free – US Visa Lottery

American Visa Lottery Application Portal 2016-17 – US Visa Lottery – The Official VISA Lottery Application Form for united stated of American can only be apply online at the official portal, Which we will be giving you below for U.S immigration lottery application. So beware of any other Non-government web sites that charge fees for this free application.

American Visa Lottery Application Portal 2016-17

When you visit the registration portal  for US visa lottery application at note that you will be required to fill out this following form below in the portal, and in filling this USA lottery visa application form you have to make sure that all information you provide are all correct.American Visa Lottery Application Portal 2016-17 Free - US Visa Lottery

Application Information: US Visa Lottery Application Requirements

1. Full Name – Last/Family Name in capital Letters, First/Given name, Meddle Name

2. Date of Birth – Day, Month, year. Please note that even though the date of birth format normally used in the U.S is Month, Day, Year; you are supposed to write the date of birth in the same format too (Day, Month, year)as it is normally used in the most parts of the world.

3. Gender – Male or Female

4. City where You were Born – Self explanation

5. Country Where You Were Born – The name or the country that is currently in use for the place where you were born.

6. Cointry Of Eligibility Or Chargeability For The DV Program – In most cases, it is the country of your birth. However, some applications may be able to use the country of birth either their spouse

7. Entry Photograph(s) – Recent digital Photographs of Yourself, your spouse and all your minor unmarried children under 21 years of age, if application. The photograph must be an individual photograph. Family or group Photographs are not accepted.

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8. MAILIING Address – In Care of, Address line 1, Address line 2, city/town, District/County/Province/State, Postal Code/Zip Coda, and country.

9. Country Where you Live Today – Self Explanation,

10. Phone Number

11. Email Address

12. What Is The Highest Level Of Education You Have Achieved, as of Today – You most indicate which one of the educational achievement you have

13. Marital Statu – Married, Unmarried, Widowed or Ledally Seperated

14. Number Of Children

15. Spouse Information – Name, date of birth, Gender, city/town of birth, Country of Birth and Photograph.

How To Apply US Visa Lottery Application

In other to apply US Visa Lottery successfully you have to register online by visiting the official web site and fill out the Visa Application Form or Registration Form which we just explain above.

United States Visa Lottery Countries Eligible For Application

If you are have been really looking for usa visa lottery eligible countries, us visa lottery countries, Eligible us visa lottery countries etc below are their:

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South America, Central America, and The Caribbean
North America
Europe Countries
Africa Countries

US Visa Lottery Application Date

We understand that you have been really looking for United States Lottery Date, us visa lottery 2016 application deadline, us visa lottery registration date, us visa lottery application deadline etc. Please note this below!!!

You can only get the official Date for Application from the Official us visa lottery entry Portal, So all you need do is  to visit the portal at <<<<<>>>>>>

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