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America’s Got Talent Champions Returns Full List

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America’s Got Talent Champions Returns Full List

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So what more can we say if not WAHO!!! following the Returning of The Champions For “America’s Got Talent” Meanwhile, America’s Got Talent Champions Returns Full List is what I will be showing you here in this post following the NBC Announcement on Friday.

However, Fifty of the most Talent-ed acts in reality TV history will battle on the world’s stage in 2019 with the premiere of America’s Got Talent.

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So without taking much time here check out The First half of the names — from the United States, England, South Africa and beyond. Read on for the full list:America’s Got Talent Champions Returns Full List

America’s Got Talent Champions Returns Full List

* Darci Lynne Farmer, ventriloquist (America’s Got Talent 2017 winner)
* Paul Potts, opera singer (Britain’s Got Talent 2007 winner)
* Shin Lim, magician (America’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
* Kseniya Simonova, sand artist (Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 winner)
* DJ Arch Jnr, “Kid DJ” (South Africa’s Got Talent 2015 winner)
* Paul Zerdin, ventriloquist (America’s Got Talent 2015 winner)
* Attraction, shadow dance group (Britain’s Got Talent 2013 winner)
* Justice Crew, dance/singing group – (Australia’s Got Talent 2010 winner)
* Moonlight Brothers, dancing group (Denmark’s Got Talent 2018 winner)
* Susan Boyle, singer (Britain’s Got Talent 2009 runner-up)
* Piff the Magic Dragon, comedian/magician (America’s Got Talent 2015 finalist)
* Sofie Dossi – contortionist/hand balancing (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist)
* Kechi, singer (America’s Got Talent 2017 – finalist)
* Issy Simpson, kid magician (Britain’s Got Talent 2017 runner-up)
* Light Balance, LED dance group (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist)
* Prince Poppycock, opera singer (America’s Got Talent 2010 finalist)
* DDF Crew, jump ropers (Holland’s Got Talent 2012 winner and Belgium’s Got Talent 2016 finalist)
* The Texas Tenors, opera singers (America’s Got Talent 2009 finalist)
* Tom Cotter, stand-up comic (America’s Got Talent 2012 runner-up)
* Taylor Williamson, stand-up comic (America’s Got Talent 2012 runner-up)
* Tape Face, comedic mime (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist)
* Billy and Emily England, danger roller skaters (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist)
* Sara & Hero, dog act (America’s Got Talent 2017 finalist)
* Deadly Games, danger knife throwers (America’s Got Talent 2016 finalist)
* Uzeyer Novruzov, ladder balancer (America’s Got Talent 2010 finalist)

Premiering on Monday, Jan. 7, America’s Got Talent: The Champions welcomes back all four AGT judges — Simon Cowell, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel — as well as new host Terry Crews

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