{ANDROID} How to Send Social Media GIFs – Facebook, Whatsapp

What is GIF? It is a kind of format for image files that supports both animated and static images. So social media has adopted this kind of animated and static image format to help it users explain more of how they feel than just using the emojis and reactions. Using this GIFs is quit easy, if you properly pay attention to the features of your social media and for that reason, this article will be teaching you how to easily send social media GIFs.

The GIFs are relatively supported on your social media like the Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, so carefully read this article and see how you can use GIFs on the mentioned social networks.

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Why you should Use social Media GIFs

  1. It’s fun.
  2. Best describes feelings (A GIF is worth a thousand Feels).
  3. Goes beyond what words can explain.
  4. Ease message typing and lots more.

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How to Send Social Media GIFs – Facebook, Whatsapp

  • Facebook GIF

Using the GIF feature from your Facebook messenger, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your Facebook messenger app
  2. Open the chat’s conversation you want to use a gif for.
  3. Then click on the smiling sticker icon.
  4. Now click on GIFs.
  5. Select from the list of gifs displayed to you, or simply use the search bar to search for the one that suits you mood.
  6. After you’ve searched it out, tap on it to send.
  • Whatsapp GIF

  1. Launch your whatsapp.
  2. Open the chat conversation you want to send the GIF to.
  3. In the type a message box, tap the smiling sticker icon by the left corner.
  4. Then tap on GIF at the button of the screen.
  5. A handful of GIFs appears, select or use the search icon by the left hand corner to search for the one that suits your feeling.
  6. After you’ve selected, tap on the envelope icon to send.

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