Apple is Investigating iPhone 8 Battery Problem | Issues with New iPhone

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With the loving designs the new Apple product came with, it has been on reports that iPhone 8 is having a big time Battery issues. Apple is aware and has gone into investigation to know what went wrong with the New device that got everyone queuing up to get one. iPhone 8 Battery Problem has got everyone talking, Read on.

The reports has been confirmed from different regions, all pointing to the Battery Problems. In one of the Cases, the iPhone 8 battery has been reported to have burst open due to possible battery failure.Apple is Investigating iPhone 8 Battery Problem | Issues with New iPhone

Apple is Investigating iPhone 8 Battery Problem | Issues with New iPhone

So Much on the iPhone 8, When the Apple product was launched, users of Apple found the Phone to be very interesting as it came with great Features, and Some of it are Listed below:

  • A more advanced 12MP Camera with a Larger, faster Sensor
  • Built with Durable Glass
  • Wireless Charging and More

But all those features and designs now gives the users, Sleepless night because no one knows when the Battery is going to Burst or Probably result to something no one expects

Another report of the same battery incident came from a customer in Japan, the report stated that the iPhone 8 Plus split open along the sides of the device’s aluminum enclosure.

Some of the reports were basically when the pone Where on Charge, and the Batteries begins to Swell after Sometime

Apple users are wondering what has gone wrong with the company, with the rate of bad news concerning it’s Products nowadays

Meanwhile, Apple is investigating to put an end to this Problems and there is no reason to Panic.

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