Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea: Arsene wenger won bitterest rival Jose Mourinho

Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea: Arsene wenger won bitterest rival Jose Mourinho
Arsene wenger won bitterest rival Jose Mourinho as record win

Arsene wenger won bitterest rival Jose Mourinho – The Arsenal manager’s Arsene wenger finally won his Chelsea rival’s Jose mourinho at the 14th attempt as the north London side won 1-0 at Wembley to win the Community Shield.

You know, must question ask been ask if arsene wenger is not really capable of making the difference by just winning mourinho if just for one.

A now wenga as don that with a great record. so should we now say that the signing from Chelsea has help the gunners to gun Jose mourinho and his team down?

watch the full highlight as arsenal finally win the Community Shield as a record win for Arsene wenger

You can see how Arsenal fans celebrated the final whistle as if they had won the title rather than the Community Shield. They believe it’s a sign of greater things to come.

Arsene wenger comment on BT Sport

Wenger told BT Sport after the match “Physically we suffered and the pitch was not great, We went 1-0 up and perhaps we did a little too much to protect our lead – but we absolutely wanted to win.

“When we got out of our defence we looked dangerous to score but we played a little too much in our half. We played with the handbrake on at times – maybe we had a little Chelsea complex.”

“In the second half of the season last year we conceded 13 goals in 19 games so we had already improved our defensive record, hopefully we can do it again,”

“Pre-season has gone quite well, we are continuing from where we were last season. No big injuries too, except Wilshere who we lost to injury last season and Alexis is back tomorrow [Monday] so that is good.

Walcott? I want to use him there as well [up front and behind the striker] – it depends on the opposition.”

So we can put the bitterness to bed after Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 in the Community Shield on Sunday. The war of words will now stop, the two managers will shake hands, show some respect for each other and play nice. Right?

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