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Best Quotes to Celebrate Facebook Friendship Day Anniversary

miracle 3 min read 2 Comments

Best Quotes to Celebrate Facebook Friendship Day Anniversary

Miracle 3 min read 2 Comments

You woke up one morning to login to your Facebook account, and you discovered your profile picture and that of a friend, with a caption that says “we believe friends are so special, celebrate your friendship with your friend, happy friendversary”. Reminding that you became friend with that person since 1,2,3,4 or Many years ago. Prompting you can share the friendship celebration with a share button provided, it’s a good thing we celebrate our friends that is why we will be giving you the best quotes you can post to celebrate Facebook Friendship day Anniversary.

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When you give the right kind of quotes to celebrate your friendversary on Facebook, the person you are celebrating with will be glad you have them in mind.

Also other friends will like and comment on the friendship celebration especially after they have seen the lovely quotes you captions the friendship with. Read more as we share some of the best friendship quotes that will get the friendship moments going.

Celebrate Facebook Friendship Day Anniversary: Best Quotes

Here are best friendship quotes you can use to celebrate with your friends

  • Having you as a friend is a great gift, thanks for sticking with me, Happy Friendversary.

  • There is a friend that sticketh more than a brother, and i have found that friend in you.

  • We need our best friend all the time, not only when we have difficult times in our life or in the moments of joy.

  • Best friend is like the ray of sunshine in the darkness. When storm clouds of life are gathering and it seems that there’s no hope, the best friend will always come to you and light your way out. Happy Facebook friendship celebration.

  • You walked in when the rest of the world walked out, you are such a true friend.

  • Sometimes we build walls not to block friends out of our life but to see who cares enough to break through the wall.

  • Thank you so much for being my friend and part of my life. Without you, life wouldn’t have been so wonderful.

  • Friends sometimes can let you down, but once in a while they are the only reason that you are standing up.

  • If Friends are like flowers. Then That would explain my pretty bouquet.

  • Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of LIFE.

  • Good Friends Don’t Let You do Stupid things alone.

  • Friends are Flowers in the garden of life.                                 Read: How to celebrate your Facebook Friendship with Friends, Family & Loved Ones

  • A friend will always make your Smile, Especially when you don’t want to.

  • Knowing You is like Knowing a Seven Letter Words (F-R-I-E-N-D) that i could not do without.

  • Friends are God’s Way of taking care of Us.

  • A faithful Friend is a Better Relation.

  • The best Mirror is an Old Friend ( You can use this, Mostly for the Friends You have a Facebook Many years Ago)

  • A Friend is Someone who reaches for your Hand, But touches your Heart.

  • True Friends are like Memory that Last forever and never say Good bye.

  • No matter what, Good Friends Company Beats EVERYTHING Else.

  • It’s Not How Long your Facebook Friends List is, It’s the real Friends in the List.

  • Friends are like Air, You always need them.

  • Making millions of friends does not worth it, But making a friend that can stand with when Millions are against you, is the WORTH.

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  • maribel pascual at 2:21 am

    hello today is our 5 th year’s friend’s aniversary on facebook

  • maribel pascual at 2:23 am

    thanks you in facebook

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