Best VR Games 2018 for iPhone, PC, Android, Vive… (Just The Top 10)

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Believe me when I say we really know you are also searching for the Best VR Games 2018 like; Best VR games vive, Best VR games android, Best VR games oculus, Best VR games ps4, Best VR games PC, Best VR games for iPhone, best VR games 2018 with other VR Games free. But check this out below

Searching for the Top 10 Best VR Games 2018 for iPhone, PC, Android, Vive, Oculus and all that is really normal because the world of virtual reality is booming like never before.

Guess what? If you haven’t tried an HTC Vive or a PSVR headset, you are probably missing something really big!

However, Follow our research form 10 Best PC VR Games and VR Games to Play for all platform for Neurogadget and High Ground Gaming, we understand that Nowadays, there are VR headsets for Playstations, PCs, and smartphones.Best VR Games 2018 for iPhone, PC, Android, Vive... (Just The Top 10)

So without taking much time, This Top 10 Amazingly Good VR Games to Play in 2018 or The 10 Best PC VR Games of 2018 which am going to be showing you below, You must like to try them out.

You can check them out via the Table below

Best VR Games 2018 for iPhone, PC, Android, Vive… (Just The Top 10)

NOVR GamesThe Best VR Games 2018 Details
1Skyrim VRYour VR gaming experience is never complete until you venture into the wide world of Skyrim. The game belongs to the Elder Scrolls series and is an RPG with an impeccable storyline, characters and great atmospheric world to explore.

The best part about Skyrim VR is that it is available on all major platforms and you can choose to play it on PC using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or go with the PlayStation VR with a PlayStation 4 console to take upon bandits.

2Robo RecallAnother great VR game for those who want to shoot their virtual enemies is the Robo Recall. While there are a lot of games where you can use 2 guns to shoot, this is a more polished game. In this game, you will be a recall agent who needs to clean robots off the street. Also, you will benefit from a futurist scene.

For those who like fight games, they will be pleased to know that you can also rip the robots apart. You don’t always have to shoot them. It is up to you how you handle the bad robots. For this game, you will need Oculus Rift and the VR motion controllers because you will need to shoot with both hands.

3House of the Dying SunThis is a game for those who want to play the bad guy for once. You will need to get the good guys and make an example out of them. This is a space dogfighting game where you are a merciless imperial killer. Get this VR game if you want to hunt down the enemies and hear an amazing soundtrack while doing so.

Reviews of the House of the Dying Sun show that it works best with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. You won’t need any special controllers, just the ones included with the VR headset and your PC’s keyboard and mouse. Also, this game is available in the standard version as well.

4Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7 is heading to PSVR in 2018 and even if you are a fan of flight simulators, this is a must try title. The game may not provide a realistic virtual reality experience as it has been designed with emphasis on some exclusive features. However, you can drive super-fast jet planes wearing a headset and that is probably the closest you can get to being a real pilot.
5Doom VRBoth Skyrim and Doom are published by Bethesda, the company that’s showing great interest in the virtual reality space. Doom VR is another must-try title that you just can’t miss especially if you love to punch aliens, monsters in the face literally! The game has been around ever since it was invented by John Carmack in the 90s and just found its spot on a whole new platform for the next generation. Get your shotgun ready to bring down the cyber demon!
6Rock Band VR


If you love music and you have the talent to become the lead guitarist in a rock band, then this VR game is for you. There is also a regular version of Rock Band. However, that doesn’t compare to the VR game which is a lot better. One of the best things about the VR version is that you can pick what cords you want to play and just have fun.

One of the best controllers for this game is the Oculus Touch. It can be mounted on the Rock Band guitar and you can easily play for hours. However, you need to remember that this is not like the original version of the game. It is not multiplayer and you can’t select another instrument besides the guitar.

7Allison RoadAre you a big fan of horror games like Outlast or Slender? If you are one, Allison Road is a worthy take on VR when the game officially gets launched. The game is excessively scary that the developers warn people to not try it if they are faint-hearted.

After all, when those scary ghouls jump right onto your face in an HTC Vive, it’s surely going to make your heart skip a bit. We warned you, don’t say otherwise!

8Ark ParkArk Park is available on both PC and PS4. The game was supposed to have released in 2017 but is coming out this year. Jurassic Park has just converged to become Ark Park where you can explore dinosaurs, their species and even take some of them down in a team-based shooter. The game’s got a trailer and it looks really promising.
9ThumperIf you enjoyed the regular screen version of Thumper then you will love the VR version. Of course, the VR version is much better because it is more intense and you feel like you are inside the game. This is another music game great for people who are passionate about music instruments and different songs. While it might seem easy to play, it is actually a pretty stressful game.

This is not a good game for those who like relaxing music games. However, if you are looking for an abstract and intense game, Thumper is the one for you. Another great thing about this game is that you can play it with Rift or Vive and you only need the standard controller.

10Bravo TeamAn exclusive title on PSVR, Bravo Team pits two players in a co-op campaign against a slew of oncoming enemies. The game focuses on strategy as simply running around and shooting with the gun could get you killed instantly, considering the large number of enemies on screen. Instead, it expects you to focus on working with your partner, taking cover and shooting them all one bullet at a time.

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