Big Brother Naija 2018 voting Results For housemates – how Nigerians voted

Big Brother Naija 2018 Voting Results For housemates was really a shock, In one night, 6 housemates leave the Big brother Naija house. I guess no one saw that coming at all after this evening when Big Brother disqualified the pair of K-Brule and Khloe from the on-going Big Brother Naija house 2018.

The Big Brother Naija 2018 eviction show for last week is now over and the photo above shows how Nigerians voted for their favourite pairs in the house both with the SMS Platform, Mobile and Via web at

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Early Last week, I showed you all how you can finally VOTE FAVOURITE BBN HOUSEMATE for FREE which is via the Portal at, since you are looking forward to knowing how Nigerians voted, then you must know it was a shocking twist, 6 housemates left the 3rd edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show. While 4 were evicted, two others were disqualified.

NOTE: Bitto, Princess, Vandora and Dee-One were the four housemates evicted while Khloe and K-Brule got evicted for breaking Big Brother’s rules. While 14 contestants are now left to compete for the 45million naira prize money.

Now, I think is the time we talk about this 2 BBNaija 2018 housemates, Miracle and Nina, how come they where the fans favourite Pair for now. It Turns out That team Mina got the highest number of votes… Any surprises? Nigerians like bad things sha…lol

Big Brother Naija 2018 Voting Results For Housemates

1. MINA – 28.5%
2. BAMTEDDY – 21.6%
3. LOTO – 15.2%
4. CEBI – 13.5%
5. RINEEKA – 11.6%
6. ANGELIFU – 3.99%
7. PRITO – 3.05%
8. VAN-DEE – 2.98%

Here’s how Nigerians voted for #Bbnaija housemates this week (Photo)Big Brother Naija 2018 voting Results For housemates - how Nigerians voted

Just in case u don’t still know How To Vote Bbnaija housemates Via web at Please Visit this link below to learn that in other to keep that you Big Brother Naija 2018 favourite pairs in the house.

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BIG BROTHER DISQUALIFIES K-BRULE AND KHLOEBig Brother some minutes ago evicted both K-Brule and Khloe. They have issued a strike following their disagreement last night. K-Brule during an argument tried to attack Dee One but was held back by Angel and Lolu . Big Brother found this unacceptable and issued him a strike making it three strikes. Khloe was disqualified for comments she made to Kbrule, calling his mother a how. Kbrule and Khloe already had two strikes and today’s own made it three strikes. This amounted to an automatic disqualification. Last week, Kbrule threatened to commit suicide.

PLEASE stay turn to get more update on How To Vote, Weekly Big Brother Naija 2018 voting results For housemates, and how Nigerians voted. All this will be coming your way as its happening.

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