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Today, we are looking into the life of Bill Gates, one among the Richest Man in the World (or should we say he is the Richest), who never failed in helping people as a philanthropist. He is also an American business magnet, and the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corp Ltd. Bill Gates is a Man who his quest for knowledge was never Quenched, and now everything he knew and learnt during his teenager age is speaking for him, Bill gates Net worth 2017 is truly a deserved one.

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Biography of a Philanthropist; Bill Gates

William Henry Gates was born October 28, 1955 into the family of William H. Gates Sr and Mary Maxwell Gates in Seattle, Washington. He is the co-founder of Microsoft and also an American business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist

The father was a Lawyer and the Mother a school teacher, as a young Child he was very brilliant. He had an early interest in Microsoft and Began Programming at the age of 13 at Lakeside School, where he pursued his passion.

He enrolled at Harvard College in 1973 and dropped out in 1975, to create the computer company, Microsoft, He never return to Havard to complete his studies.

He grew up with two sister, Kristianne and Libby. At the age of 15, Bill Gates went into business with his friend Paul Allen, who he met in school i.e lakeside school. They developed “Traf-o-Data,” a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle, and netted $20,000 for their efforts. The two friends founded Microsoft

In 2014, Bill Gates stepped down as Microsoft chairman, but remains a technology advisor and board member of the company.

Bill Gates own the world’s largest private charitable foundation (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Bill Gates Net Worth 2017

The Microsoft Co-founder is the Wealthiest in the world. According to forbes, His real time Net Worth as at June 2017 is $88.9B

He sales is microsoft shares on a regular Basis and now he owns 2.3% of the company, which in turn accounts for 13% of his fortune.

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