How to Change a Picture’s Date in Google Photos

Change Google Photos Date So many request has been on by our fans this days, and on of them is  How to Change Google Photos Date. And do to the love we have for you all, we complied this article to show you all the easy step below. So now what you have to do is to follow the instruction that will be giving to you.

Following Are Two Ways to Change Google Photos Date

  1. You can either change the date of photos before uploading them to Google Photos or
  2. Do it after the photos are uploaded. The former option is recommended since it will let you modify the date and time of multiple photos in one go while the latter option would allow you to edit the timestamp of one image at a time.
  • Alternatively, you can use a more powerful command like tool like ExifTool (available for both Mac and Windows) that can “shift” the date and time associated with images by a fixed amount.

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