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To Chat on Facebook Using Airtel Free Mode can be so Benefiting especially if you always run out of MB on time. Airtel offers free Basics called Free Facebook Flex for it’s customers. It is a platform easy to operate, Options to switch to either Free Mode or data Mode is there for you. So you can use the Free Mode when you want it, or switch to Data Mode too.

Most at times you keep wondering why some of your friends are always seen online; 24/7. Well, Airtel Free Facebook Flex might be behind the secret of them always being Online.

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Features of Using Airtel Free Mode

With Airtel Free Mode on Facebook; you can do the following.

  1. Enjoy Chat with Friends and Family
  2. Share Photos and Videos
  3. Comment and Like on any Post

Note: In Some cases, You will be Prompt to view Photos and Videos when you turn on the Data Mode

The above features are also the same thing you can do when you are using Data Mode, and you can also enjoy shared Photos and videos from your Family and friends too.

See How free mode Looks Like (Photo Below)

How to Chat on Facebook Using Airtel Free Mode | Free Facebook Flex

This Free Facebook Flex is Applicable to; Facebook App, Through Opera Mini and any other Kind of Browser you use on your Mobile. To operate it on your Mobile Through Browsers like Opera mini, Chrome etc. There are specific principles you will follow, Read on to see the Principles.

How to Chat on Facebook Using Airtel Free Mode

So to get Started with the Free Mode;

  • Make sure Your Mobile Data is ON
  • Then Go to (If you want to Use it through Browser)

Now the Specific Principle that can enable you use free mode through Browser is

  1. Go to the Browser
  2. Type in or
  3. Then Click ‘Continue’ to accept the Terms.

That’s All, Now you can use Free Basics

  • For Facebook App; launch the App from Your Android.

In case you don’t See the Flex, go to your Facebook Menu or Bookmarks and Click on “Facebook Flex

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  1. How could I received free mode when topup and title for 2days and still not working but been charge from my combo and account.can you help short out free mode affectively.

    1. Just try an follow this procedural in this article to Chat on Facebook Using Airtel Free Mode. Thanks

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