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Airtel subscribers are not the only ones enjoy Facebook free Basics as we brought you how to chat on Facebook using Airtel free Mode. Now, you can also chat on Facebook using Etisalat free Mode, if you run out of MB or if there isn’t Enough. Your calling credit won’t be tempered with when you are using the Free Mode.

This is also Known as Facebook Flex, Airtel does it and Etisalat is also doing it. The Free Etisalat Facebook Flex allows it’s Users to chat, post, comment, like or share content for free with friends and families.

Note Even as it is on the Airtel Network, You can’t Watch Videos on the Etisalat Free Mode Except you switch to data Mode. That is to say, Video and photo contents won’t be displayed on the Free Mode But you can Chat, Comment, like and etc as earlier Stated.

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How to Chat on Facebook Using Etisalat Free Mode

  1. Having the Etisalat Sim Card in Your Phone already, Turn on your Data connection
  2. Go to you Web Browser and type
  3. Click on Continue to accept it’s terms and conditionsHow to Chat on Facebook Using Etisalat Free Mode |
  4. Now a List of available Sites that you can Browse on a Free Mode will be Shown.
  5. Navigate and Click on Facebook free Data and Enjoy Chatting for free.

Alternatively, If you have the Facebook App Installed on your phone, You Can Launch it and you will be ask if you want to Browse Using Facebook free Basics or Mobile Data Plan. Simply Choose Facebook Free Basics.

That’s All to chatting free using Etisalat Free Mode.

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