BVN is known to be a biometric method of identification introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to help curb illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. Most at times, one finds his or her self in a situation whereby the bank verification number is needed especially in banks to solve one issue or the other. So, in order not to be found wanting, when you are asked of this BVN mostly in the Bank, we have prepared this article for you on how to easily check Bank Verification Number via MTN Network.

For you to check the BVN from your mobile phone, you should note that the sim-card you registered your verification number with, is the one eligible for the service. That is to say, no one can access your BVN unless they get your phone and know the number you used for the registration.

Checking your bvn via your Mtn network is stress free and easy.

How to check Bank Verification Number Via Mtn Network

All you need to do is to dial *565*0# and your BVN will be displayed to you.(remember, you check with the registered number) You will be charged N20 for the service.

Your BVN should be kept safe, just the way you secure you 4-digits ATM pin. See some security tips below.

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Security tips to guide your BVN

Most at times you get messages telling you that your Bank account has been de-activated due to some BVN error or more asking you to call a particular number to rectify the problem, Now this leads me to giving you some security tips in safeguarding your Bank Verification Number or additionally your bank account in general:

  • Your Bank verification number is registered just for YOU and YOU ONLY (Note that). It’s not a third party property
  • Disregard any text message telling you to provide your BVN for any rectification Online.
  • Your bank will not send you any message or email demanding for your BVN.
  • You can input a security system on your phone in other to avoid someone snooping through, then ending dialing that CODE to find out your BVN.

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