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 Candy Crush Saga Guru Players

Who Are The Candy Crush Saga Guru Player?

All this years Candy Crush Saga Game has become a treading game most people play and love having on the smartphone. In that game there are people who titled them self has “Candy Crush Saga Guru”, meaning they play and now waiting for new update.

The Candy Crush Saga Game Challenge is giving every Gurus chances to connect other Guru players all over the world via their facebook account. This will enable you share your scores and current level, and the challenge starts.

The truth of the matter is that No prize will be won for now, this i s just a medium to connecting all Candy Crush Saga Game Gurus all over the world. We are just here to have fun. But with time a new strategic way of real challenge will start.

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Candy Crush Saga Guru Players

To join the Candy Crush Saga Guru Players community, all you have to do is using the comment box below to drop your facebook ID (NOT Password). Since Candy Crush Saga connects frirends round the world via

So what are you waiting for? Other Candy Crush Saga Guru Players are also waiting to connect to you.

Download Candy Crush Saga Game

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game played on  Android, Windows 10, iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen, Fire OS

In case you still do not have the Candy Crush Saga game on your smartphone here are link to download for free and start joining the  Candy Crush Saga Guru Players all over the world.

Download Candy Crush Saga app game for Android – HERE

Download Candy Crush Saga app game for iPhone – HERE

Download Candy Crush Saga app game for PC and Windows phones – HERE

Please Note: when sending friend request, use “Candy Crush Saga Guru Players Community” as the message content.

Use the comment box below.

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