How to Create a BBM Custom PINs for Android, iPhone & BlackBerry

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How to Create a BBM Custom PINs

How to Create a BBM Custom PINs – The new BBM Custom PINs is to enable you create a friendly customized pin for you are your friends to always remember. Your existing and new contacts can add you to BBM using this Custom PIN, making adding new contacts easier than ever. 

From the look of things I found out that creating a BBM custom Pins is NOT for free.

Make sure you are running the latest BBM software on your device.

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BBM company has made some certain criteria which makes you eligible for creation of A Custom PIN:

  • PINs need to be 6-8 characters long
  • Can include both letters and numbers. PINs are not case sensitive.
  • Special characters are not eligible

How to Create a BBM Custom PINs

  1. Open BBM on your device
  2. Tap on the BBM Shop icon
  3. Scroll down to subscriptions, and select the Custom PIN Subscription
  4. Purchase a Custom PIN Subscription
  5. Create your PIN

Once you subscribe following the steps below, you have the full right to choose your nickname, alias or even something totally out of the box! Customize your PIN to reflect who you are.

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