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To Create New WhatsApp Account has become the best option because of the popularity level of that can help you chat instead or sending SMS that will cost you more. Even statistics show that WhatsApp now has the largest user of the app as well as Facebook Messenger and others. Everything becomes simple to do with on WhatsApp.

Just like using your internet data bundle to browse, Whatsapp requires internet to work on phones and PCs. But believe me that this new WhatsApp version has low consumption of data, yet you can make free call, send instant messages, share locations, send and receive files as long your data is on.

Any new phone that is been released comes with Whatsapp app and  with that you really don’t need to download any app, rather you update the app before start chatting with it. That is the reason on this page we are taking you through on how to create new WhatsApp account – sign up WhatsApp account free.

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Sign Up WhatsApp Account Free – And Setup Whatsapp App Account

For you to sign up for WhatsApp account the following are required of you. your phone number, WhatsApp app ready on your phone, an internet connection.

Now you need to download the app free, so click here to do that now. here is the simple step to register WhatsApp account free;

  1. Download Whatsapp app
  2. Lunch/open the app by clicking the app on your phoneCreate New WhatsApp Account - Sign Up Whatsapp -
  3. Enter your mobile phone number and next
  4. Enter your user name you love to use
  5. Now, what app will be sending a verification code as SMS if the sim card is not in the phone, but if the sim is in the phone then WhatsApp will automatically authenticate that for you. This takes some few minutes to complete
  6. Yes, now you just sign up new WhatsApp account. You can start adding friends from your phone contact

You do not need email and password before create new WhatsApp account. All that is need is your mobile number.

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Create New WhatsApp Account – New Whatsapp Registration

I laid this topic cos most of our fans are asking us to explain better on that. Now if you no longer make use of the phone number you previously use to set up your WhatsApp account and you are now using a new phone number then you have to note that whatever setup you want to do with the new mobile number is fresh. Meaning that WhatsApp will be registering a new mobile number for you.

If you still do not have the phone contact of your old sim, then you have just lost the connects and cannot be recovered by WWW.WHATSAPP.COM. So that is what I want to explain here Official Website is the official website where all WhatsApp app is been downloaded for different mobile devices, including WhatsApp for PC and Mac. But you have to understand that there is NO medium or platform to sign up or create whatsApp app new account on You will have to download the app for you to do so, Using the guide above.

Remember that whats app can work for PC,  iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other.

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