Download Latest Viber Desktop app for Pc and Mac | features

Download Latest Viber Desktop appViber is an app that lets you make phone calls and send text messages to all other viber users for free. viber desktop app for your PC and Mac is as simple as the mobile app you know and love, you can transfer  calls between your mobile phone and computer.  Also text with friends on your desktop with viber, All the stickers from your mobile phone, now on your desktop. Just click, sync and send.

Viber includes text, picture and video messaging across all platforms, Viber for desktop lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users  on any device and network, in any country. It syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device.Download Latest Viber Desktop app | features

Download Latest Viber Desktop app – Features

  1. Video calls.
  2. Best quality HD voice calls.
  3. Transfer ongoing calls between devices.
  4. Photo, text and sticker messages.
  5. Full sync between your desktop and mobile.
  6. Real time notification of new messages.

It is also available in diverse languages and you can also change the language settings. As per your requirement, you can also switch between the conversations, block and unblock mobile contacts on Viber and can get a little bit more privacy by disabling seen and online features.

Download viber, enter your mobile number and start connecting with your friends.

To download viber desktop app, please Visit the official website >>> on your desktop.

To activate viber on your desktop, you must first have viber installed on your mobile device. Click on viber to install on your mobile device. Or you download bluestacks app player on your desktop. and search for viber in the bluestacks app search bar.

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