Dutch Election Latest Vote Update | Dutch election 2017

The Netherlands Election have been on going and the Green party surges so as they want to take on EUROPE‘S DEBT and every one really want to know who will win the most seats in the Dutch election by knowing the Dutch Election Latest Vote Update

An apparent polarization of the vote has seen a surge in demand for the far left and the far right in the Netherlands amid one of the most controversial elections in history.Dutch Election Latest Vote Update | Dutch election 2017

Dutch GorenLinks or GreenLeft leader Jesse Klaver is steadying for a five fold increase in votes as he promotes a pro-Eu view and an open door migrant policy

Dutch Election Latest Vote Update | Dutch election 2017

According to Express.co.uk Mr klavers also campaign to allow his country to take a large proportion f debt on board to keep the Euro afloat. Meanwhile Countries like Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and Ireland are among those showing distress signals due to large debt burdens.

Mr Klaver, however, wants the Dutch nation, which has the biggest current account surplus, as a share of output, in the entire euro area to help to stabilize the common currency project.

In an interview in a concert hall in the University town of Leiden Mr Klavers said of criticism levied at him: “It is a pleasure to be the target.

“They feel we’re gaining momentum. “First they were ignoring us, but they they see that we are a threat to them. “I think they have broken our society. “You are not just fighting Geert Wilders, you are fighting his ideas.”

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Like we all know that in April 30, 2013 Crown Prince Willem-Alexander was inaugurated as the Holland’s first king since 1890 as his mother, Queen Beatrix after a 33-year-reign and now the comes as the 30-year-old took aim at far right leader Geert Wilders who has pledged to shut down mosques if he wins via his Party for Freedom and Democracy (PvdA).Dutch election: in the words of voters

Following his Mr Klaver interview with the Financial Times but quickly turn their concerns to economic issues, He believe that most of the voters he encounters are worried about “Islam”

He said: “[Voters] start with Islam, they start with migration, but after three or four minutes it is about housing, their income, employment.Dutch Election Latest Vote Update | Dutch election 2017

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