How to Edit Facebook Profile Information | Guide to editing your Profile info

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The Facebook profile is where everyone goes first to know and get information about you. Facebook Profile contains the basic information about yourself, You can Edit Facebook Profile information and set some information about yourself right. This information you provide Tells your friends and family about you, so you ought to set it right.

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As people access your Facebook, The first place they go to is your profile information in order to know and get the information of you, as the person they are chatting With.

And your long time Friends and family who has lost your contact a longtime ago can search for you on Facebook and check your Profile to get one or two Information about you, especially your Phone number.

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How to Edit Facebook Profile informationHow to Edit Facebook Profile Information | Guide to editing your Profile info

The steps Below will Guide you on how to Edit your profile.

  1. Open your Facebook On your web browser.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Then Click Update Info at the bottom of your cover photo.
  4. Now click the section you’d like to change, In the left column.
  5. Hover over the information you will love to edit.
  6. To the right of that section, click Edit or Options, then select Edit.
  7. Use the audience selector to choose who can see this information, then click Save Changes.

Note that you can Edit your gender, contact info, relationships, work, education and more on the edit section of your profile and also your Email Address has additional settings.

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  1. Someone put erroneous likes on my profile page. I have no idea how long it’s been there, as I rarely look at my own profile section.
    Organizations are listed that go against what I believe, and even fight against. Listed together are vegan associations (me) and far right sites. Proud democrats (me), beside far right Republican site. I WOULD HAVE NEVER PUT THOSE “LIKES” ON MY PAGE!
    I tried, to no avail, removing what, frankly, I abhor with the only result being more frustration.
    I insist to be permitted to remove what I find offensive, off my page.
    I ask that someone respond to me as expeditiously as possible.
    Thank you

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