Chelsea‘s Cesc Fabregas breaks premier League Assist Record Earlier this week when his club played and won against Middlebrough, who are now relegated. The midfielder tipped up Nemanja Matic and Diego Costa as Antonio Conte’s side won in a 3-0 over their opponent.

This performance has now made fabregas to have given 10 or more assist so far in six different English premier League seasons. A record no other player has beaten before.

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Fabregas Breaks Premier League Assist Record

Being know as Assist king mostly by fans, Fabregas had done it again against a clash with Middlesbrough, this time around, he broke the Assisting Record.

Previously, this record was being shared before by Fabregas, Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs which set up 10 goals or more in five seasons at Manchester United.

The 30-year-old is still stable and He has  reached the landmark no now has gotten to in the English premier League.

The former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder recorded over 10 assist in six seasons, four of those seasons came during his time in Arsenal.

The most assists that he has ever reached was the 2014/15 season in which he assisted 18 goals on the Chelsea’s way to title.

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Fabregas Premier League Record


His Honours & Awards

Premier League Champion1
Player of the Month2

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