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Just in case you might be wondering What is ‘Facebook incomers’? well, I will start by telling you that Facebook incomers are the people who earn from Facebook and this is why Facebook is filled with thousands of users nowadays; Facebook normally tries to control them through the security check. In this article, I will let you know the Facebook Annual Income Statement.

T=facebook is the best place for anyone who plans on advertising to get the best outcome. You would be amazed if you know the quantity of traffic Facebook gets each minute. However, Facebook earns 38 dollars every second. Although it may seem small, it increases on a yearly basis.

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Following Facebook Annual Income Statement, that was recently posted, it shows that about a 27% increase in its revenue in the whole of India, this was outstanding but never the less it still increased. Here is a tabular data of facebook annual finance starting from 2013 to 2017. The details are from January to December so check it out below.

Facebook Annual Income Statement – www.Facebook.com Incomers

Expenses and earnings20132014201520162017
Sales and revenue7.87 billion12.47 billion17.93 billion27.64 billion40.65 billion
Cost of total goods sold1.76 billion2.19 billion2.87 billion3.79 billion5.45 billion
Depreciation866 million924 million1.22 billion1.59 billion2.33 billion
Total gross income6.11 billion10.28 billion15.06 billion23.85 billion35.2 billion

The next table is the income made from pre-tax

Pretax income2.75 billion4.91 billion6.19 billion12.52 billion20.59 billion
Income tax1.25 billion1.97 billion2.51 billion2.3 billion4.66 billion
Current domestic income tax1.22 billion2.13 billion3.2 billion2.56 billion4.65 billion
Current foreign income tax68 million96 million123 million195 million389 million
Deferred domestic income tax35 million254 million817 million432 million329 million
Deferred foreign income tax2 million1 million5 million25 million45 million
After-tax income expenses9 million15 million19 million29 million14 million 
Consolidated net income1.49 billion2.93 billion3.67 billion10.19 billion15.92 billion

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And finally the net income

Total net income20132014201520162017
Net income after all extraordinary1.49 billion2.93 billion3.67 billion10.19 billion15.92 billion
Net income available to commoners1.49 billion2.93 billion3.7 billion10.19 billion15.92 billion
EPS basic0.621.121.313.565.49
Basic outstanding shares2.42 billion2.61 billion2.8 billion2.86 billion2.9 billion
Diluted outstanding shares2.52 billion2.66 billion2.85 billion2.93 billion2.96 billion

That is all of it, all the income Facebook made since 2013.

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