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Facebook dating countries are one of the requirements one needs to pass before he or she can be certified to use dating and to find out if dating is available in your area or country, you have to read through this article.

Today, Facebook Dating is rolling out in various countries, and knowing if your country is part of it is one good sign to get started with “Dating”.

To help more people find meaningful relationships through things they have in common, like interests, events, and groups, Facebook Dating was launched by the giant social network. Since the launch of Facebook Dating, over 1.5 billion matches have been created in the 20 countries where the feature is available, and trust me when I say, the availability is being stretched to other countries. Read on

It is a dedicated, opt-in space within the Facebook app that you know, and you can create a dating profile in just a few taps. Facebook Dating makes it easier to share your true self and gives you a more authentic look at who someone is.

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Interesting Features OF Facebook Dating

  1. It is 100% secured
  2. Create your profile with ease
  3. Connect and share with Facebook and Instagram Stories
  4. Virtual dates
  5. Secret Crush to match with people you already know on Facebook and/or Instagram
  6. Add your Instagram posts to your profile on Facebook Dating
  7. Opt into Events and Groups to see people with similar interests

Your Dating profile is different from the Facebook account profile. And everything you do in dating is not taken out of dating.

Facebook Dating Countries

Facebook dating is currently available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam. 

It is now rolling out to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

How To Use Facebook Dating

Before using Facebook dating, you must make sure that your Facebook mobile app is the latest version of it i.e you must update your Facebook app from your mobile store.

When that is done, then using dating is as simple as A, B, C, D. To update your app, simply visit your Google Play Store or App Store, then search for Facebook and tap on “update”.

After the update, then follow the steps below to set it up and start chatting with other singles who have opted in.

  • Open the updated Facebook app from your home screen and sign in to your account if you are not signed in.
  • Tap on the hamburger line at the top right corner of the page for the android user or at the bottom right for the iOS users.
  • Navigate down and tap on “Dating” (with the heart icon) from the menu and start your dating profile creation by filling in the required details in the right fields (these details include your religion, your job, your height, your degrees, and your education).
  • Upload your photos and other information will also be required of you to complete your profile set up

It’s as simple as that.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about Facebook Dating Countries, feel free to relate it with DailiesRoom.com by using the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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