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Facebook Email Sign Up is simple, Fast, Easy, and FREE if really you are looking forward to creating a Facebook account with an email address (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Outlook Mail, Yandex mail, etc.).

Facebook email sign up is all about signing up for a Facebook account with your email address and not the other way round which is that maybe Facebook now owns an Email account; PLEASE not that, that is not it out all. So with this understanding, let us then proceed to create a Facebook new account with your email address.

Facebook is an online social networking media that people use to connect, communicate and share with friends all around the world and this is why there are some few requirements that you really need to create this account. So check it out below

Facebook Email Sign Up Account Requirements

I guess you already know that you need an email address to sign up FB account before looking for other requirements you really need to Register new Facebook account free.

Surname and First name – I believe you and I know the importance of your Name, the only thing there is if you will want to provide Facebook with your full name or not. But a name is required if really you want to create an account.

Your Email address or Mobile Number – The Mobile Number or Email Address is what you will use to be signing in your Facebook Profile once successfully Created and that is why is very very important. And apart from that, you will also need it to Recover your Facebook Account when you forgot your FB Profile Details.

Password – If this is not your first time creating an account online, then I will also say that I believe you already know the importance of PASSWORD in every Account Online. However, why entering it just make sure is what only you can remember.FB Password Change Guide To Change Facebook Password After FB Login

So this is the major requirements need to complete creation of this account, why others are just your Birthday and gender which is either male or female.

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Since you now know what and what you need to create this account, then proceed below to see the steps you need to follow in Registering new FB Account Free.

Facebook Email Sign Up from www.facebook.com Homepage

Remember that you can also create this account both on Facebook Mobile App once you have downloaded it on your, in the process of this post I will be showing you also how to download FB Mobile App. So check below now to see how it been done via the web on Facebook.com

Logon the Facebook official website at www.facebook.com or you can launch the Facebook mobile app on your device.

On the page that will appear, enter your Surname, First name, Your Email address or mobile number and then type in a new password for your account.

Then select your Birthday and then indicate the gender you are by tapping on male or female.

Finally, click or hit the “Sign up” button and you are very good to go.Facebook Email Sign Up From www.facebook.com | FB Profile Sign In

At this point, the Facebook account will be created with an Email confirmation or Text for you to confirm your New Facebook Account.

How To Confirm your New Facebook Account

Once the cold is been sent to you, all you just need to do is to click on the link attached to the mail or enter the code sent on the text field provided on your Facebook page.

Facebook.com Login (FB Profile Sign In)

Trust me when I say that this is just as easy as counting 1 2 3 4 5 only when you can remember or rather know your Facebook Login Password and Email address or Mobile Number. So once you have that follow this below process.

Proceed to the Facebook webpage at www.facebook.com or open the Facebook mobile app on your device.

Enter your login details; email address or mobile number and your account password in the space provided for it.Facebook.com Login (FB Profile Sign In)

Finally. click or hit the “Log in” button if you are done.

I guess you also have seen is just very easy. So that is it.

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But remember I also promised to show you how to download Facebook mobile App, So check it out below…

How to Download Facebook Mobile App

If you might be wondering how much those it takes to download it, then I must say you should wonder no more because Facebook is downloaded for free on the app store of the device that you are using. So follow the steps below to download;

Launch the app store on your device.

Use the search field, type in Facebook to find the app.

On the result page that will appear, click on the first result on the list.

Hit on “Install” to get the app to your device.Download Fb Messenger Latest Free Mobile App for Android,iPad & iPhone

Do that is it. Remember that you don’t need the Facebook Email Sign Up for new Account again once you have done that before with the above steps.

Rather all you just need to do is to log in your Facebook account in your app so as to also get notifications any time any day as long your data connection is always on.


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