How to Fix Camera Can’t Connect Error in Android device | Can’t Connect Camera

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When you try to access your camera and instead of the camera to open for you, all you get is a blank screen with the camera error message ‘Can’t Connect to the camera‘. Well, you can Fix Camera Can’t Connect Error on your device. If you could also recall How you can Fix Google Play Store error that reads ‘unfortunately, google play service has stopped’ error message, that was tutored sometimes ago.


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Here, We will take you on the various steps you need to take to fix up that Can’t Connect to camera Error.

How to Fix Camera Can’t Connect Error in Android deviceHow to Fix Camera Can't Connect Error in Android device | Can't Connect to the Camera

Follow the steps below to Fix Your camera error;

First; Try a Restart

Most Android users, get back their Camera to Normality after a Restart. So turn OFF and ON your Device.

  • Restart in Safe Mode
  1. Hold down the power button until the shutdown menu is displayed.
  2. Then Tap and hold the Power off option for a few seconds.
  3. Confirm that you want to Reboot to safe mode.
    If the Problem Persist, Also Try this step
  1. Go to Settings > Application > All > Camera > Clear cache > Restart mobile and see if this fix your camera Error.
  2. Try Updating the software of your phone and then restart the phone .
  3. Also try removing the phone battery and wait for like 2 min then put the battery back and power it ON.Then Check if the camera is okay Now.

After You Might Have Tried the steps above but the Error still persist, Then It’s Time for a Reset. To do a reset please go to Steps to Reset Android Device.

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