Free Facebook Singles Dating Hook Up – Dating in Facebook App Free for Singles

Facebook singles dating hook up is totally free as well as Facebook dating is free, however, it simply means the method to get a hook up with a Facebook single using Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Free allows users to know who’s interested in dating life. This feature was added to Facebook just a few months back. Depending on your location,

Free Facebook Singles Dating Hook Up

Just like I said above that Free Facebook Singles Dating Hook Up is just free for everyone as long as you have a Facebook account and most be or above the age of eighteen.

The most common and easy way to get hookups on Facebook is through Facebook dating. Now, Facebook dating many not be released in your area yet. But we hope to see it released in all locations in a few months to come.

Facebook Dating Requirements

There are just dating in Facebook rule you must meet up with this, these requirements are:

  1. Must own a Facebook Profile
  2. Must Be at least above the age of 18

So with that, you are just very good to go and start looking for your love via Free Facebook Singles Dating Hook Up. So see what next to do.

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Facebook Dating App Download Free

To get access to Facebook dating singles to hook up free on your smartphone, you must have the Facebook dating application installed, So quickly check below to see how is been done for free.

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Hit the search bar and make a search for “Facebook”.
  • After being directed to the official page of Facebook on the application store, find the “install” button and click on it.

Wait for the app to be downloaded and it would be installed automatically. If it was already installed, click the “update” button to update it to the latest version.

Dating in Facebook App Free for Singles

It would be a bit difficult if not impossible to find singles on Facebook without the help of Facebook dating. Now, let’s look at how to activate Facebook dating on your Facebook account.

  1. Open the newly downloaded Facebook application on your device.
  2. Log in using your Facebook account and hit the menu icon on the app. This icon is located at the upper or bottom right corner of the Facebook application.
  3. From the menu, scroll down to find the “Dating” tab and click on it. If you want to use the web version of Facebook dating, then visit their website at
  4. Click on the “Get Started” button on the page you are now on.

Edit the profile that Facebook would skim for you on your new dating profile.

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Find Singles to Hook Up with on Facebook Dating

Now that you have successfully set up Facebook dating, it is now time to find singles to hook up with. Follow the steps below to go about it.

  • Open up your Facebook dating account.
  • Find friends that are suggested for you and start checking their profiles.
  • Anyone you find “Single” according to the profile is good to go.

You just have to mingle with them and then get to hook up. You should know that not everyone would agree to hook up with you but you should always be confident.


  1. Margaret O Bennett

    How can I specify the location and only Black men over 50 year?. Example:: Only Black men who lives in surrounding area


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