GLO Laffta Fest in Enugu 2015 Show

Hello guys, Do you want to be pact of 14th oct & Nov 13th edition of GLO Laffta Fest in Enugu. Then come watch okey Bakassi, Gordons, Bovi, Twocantok, senator, Acapella, D Don, Bez, M.I., and more.

2015 Show for GLO Laffta Fest in Enugu

To see the people preform on stage life 14th oct & Nov 13th edition of GLO Laffta Fest Enugu, then use N3000 between 14th oct & Nov 13th and send “LOL ENUGU” to 33001

Please Note that you can Stay Tuned and Bookmark in your browser for more Tips and Tricks. And if you have any doubts or contribution to make about the GLO Laffta Fest in Enugu 2015, just Feel Free to use the Comment Box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. THANKS


  1. Please will i be qualify to go into d. Show if i complete my 3000 recharge on the 14th November which is after the dead line and also does d invitation covers me and my wife? Thank u

    1. once you finish the 3000 naira airtime then GLO will sent you a message that you are qualified. But note that is just only for one person

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