Golovkin vs. Jacobs fight Order By WBA

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Golovkin vs. Jacobs fight Order By WBA – A mandatory bout between Unified middleweight titlist Golovkin and secondary title holder Jacobs  must take place Following the WBA announcement recently. In their recent games Both boxers are coming off knockout wins and are practically on the same schedule.

“The 30-day negotiations period has started,” WBA president Gilberto Mendoza Jr. said. “They have 120 days to do the fight.”
If the camps do not come to an agreement before the deadline, a purse bid will be ordered.

Golovkin vs. Jacobs fight Order By WBAGolovkin vs. Jacobs fight Order By WBA

The holds of three major world title belts, “Golovkin”, retained his title for the 17th time, as he scored his 23rd knockout in a row. A fight between Golovkin and Jacobs, also a big puncher, would give them both the opportunity to fight a top opponent in the division; both said they are interested in the bout.

Days before the fight with Mora, Jacobs said: “We want to fight the best, point blank, period. GGG is the best, and that’s the guy that we want.”

He called out for Golovkin again after knocking out Mora, saying: “I want to prove to the world that I’m the best middleweight. If GGG gets the victory [Saturday], that’s who we want.,

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