How can Google approve Adsense in first Application

It is well know that most of this new blogger, who are really trying in blogging have really try and try apply for Google Ads over time or again and again but Google is not approving the application. So will now bring to a question; How can Google approve Adsense in first Application?.

Like i always tell people that Google is the father of all blogger, and this is to say that ever thing you are doing online as a blogger Google see them all with there monitoring tools, so if your do what you should not do with your Blog then thy will always keep their eye on you (your blog). So in this following we will be showing you what you really need to do so that this question of How can Google approve Adsense in first Application will be answer.

Note that this article is not really for all blogger, this is because not all blogger will want Google Ads. so as a Blogger that really want to use Google Adsense in his website there are some rules and regulation that you have to following as you are blogging so that when you will applier for Google Adsense it will be approved just in one applier.

So in this following we will be shewing you what to do so that Google Adsense will be easy for you to get. so let get started now

How can Google approve Adsense in first Application

1. Impression:  Impression help google to know if your site is growing, that is how mush visitors do you monaural have and how relevant dose your article is to your visitors. so it is always important to make an article that people desperately want as a new blogger so that you daily impression will be always high.

2. Insufficient content: Insufficient content is all about now many content do you have in your web site. So you need write some good number of articles in your Blog for easy approve. Good number like 50-100, and each article content will be up to 300 worlds.

3. pornographer Article: As a blogger who want to make money through Google Adsense do not need to write pornographer Article, is true that it will help you get more visitors or impression, but Google dose not need any pornographer content in your site.

4. plagiarise Article (copy write): plagiarizing is when you take someone else’s writing or speech without referencing. Google will always demote your site. And as a new Blogger plagiarizing is what you need not to do.

5. Third Party Programs or Ads: Just before you start applying for google Ads make sure on Third Party Programs or Ads in your site. So note that you have to stay away from Affiliating links.

6. User Experience and Website Design: This is one tools that google will always need to know how good your Blog look, so we will always advice you to get a professional template anywhere for your website.How can Google approve Adsense in first Application

So this six (6) mention are the most important you need for google to Approve your Adsense. But below we will be showing you some other tools that you still need for easy approve

  • Google Analytics Code
  • Google/Bing Webmasters Verification Page
  • XML Sitemap Page
  • Robots.txt
  • Important Pages
  • Custom Domain and Email ID

All this above is the answer to the question How can Google approve Adsense in first Application. So that is all you need, and now that you know then please start applying then.

Please Note that just in case, you can still get more help here on for those of us that do not still no how to start up or may be you don’t have any body to host a Domain (website) for you. You can contact us by email at: or you can still call: 08067194008 for any help about Blogging

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  1. Thank you sir,my web is not ready adsence account because of trafic issue,sir problem is my adrive to someone that having low traffic on his blog.

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