Google Self-driving Car crashes with a Bus in US

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Google Self-driving Car picture craches

The US transport secretary has said the crash involving a Google self-driving car and a bus recently was not a surprise to him.

The Good part of the story was that nobody was hurt in the crash, but the sad part of it is that it’s the first time Google’s on-board computer has been blamed for causing a collision.

According to BBC News, Anthony Foxx added by saying that accidents were inevitable, but that the emerging technology should not be compared “against perfection”.

He now therefore speak out that Austin, Columbus, Denver, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Portland and San Francisco – had reached the final stage of a competition to receive $40m in government funding for “smart” technologies.

“Driverless technology presents a lot of potential for disruption on a number of fronts,” he said.
“It’s unclear to me now exactly how that future unfolds.”


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