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Happy New Month Prayer Messages – Best December Wishes

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Happy New Month Prayer Messages – Best December Wishes

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Looking for new month prayer messages for family and Friends? Well, you can make this a December to Remember as you surprise every one around with creative messages to Spice, motivate and give their life a meaning. Sending New Month Messages to those around you shows that you value and wish them well in every dawn of a new month, and this time, the DECEMBER MONTH.

It is the Last Month of the Year, and we want to start by saying GOD has brought us this far and for that reason, all thanks go to him.

To come up with nice New month Prayers can be difficult at times, But with the help of a guide, Just like the Prayers and wishes we will be giving you here, then you can be at the top of your game.

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Happy New Month Prayer Messages

  • This December Shall be One to Remember, Because So many Blessings are Coming your Way

  • Congratulations Shall be yours in this new Month

  • You Shall reap in JOY in this month of Celebration

  • May God journey with You, From the first Day of this month of December to the last month of the year

  • Where Your Mates Went To and did not Succeed, You Shall Go and eat the fruit of that Place

  • My Prayer For You This Month is that God will remove Lot and hindrances from your Way

  • May this New Month and Beyond bring to you the perfection of your Dream and Aspirations

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  • Everyday in this month will give you the opportunity to see life in all positives and appreciate the goodness of God in your life

  • May God guide every of your Step in this month and may his favour Surround You. AMEN

  • The Lord shall be your ticket to success this month and forever, in Jesus name.

Best December Wishes

Checkout the Best December Wishes you can send to family and friends below:

  • May this month of December bring many opportunities your way, To attain every happiness and success of life
  • May your estimations and intentions for the Days ahead stay firm.
  • I wish that all your dreams be turned into reality and may all your efforts be turned into great achievements. Happy New month!
  • I wish you all the Goodies that comes in this month of December.
  • In this Month of December, i wish above all things that you shall move forward into all that GOD has prepared for you.
  • May God Establish you in this last month of the year.
  • Can you cope wit all these in December!
    Joy, Unspeakable Favour!
    Because they are my utmost wishes for you.

So with the Little we have Outlined for you above, we know you can do well by sending to your Loved ones and well wishers. You can Add More Happy New Month Prayer Messages & Best December Wishes by using the COMMENT BOX Below.

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