How Can I Use Polaris Mobile App Without Having ATM Card?

Polaris Mobile is a complete payment solution, but then if you have been also asking questions like How Can I Use Polaris Mobile App Without Having ATM Card? Polaris Mobile Apps Download, then I must tell you that this post is just for you.

How Can I Use Polaris Mobile App Without Having ATM Card?

First of all, it is very important for you to know that Polaris Bank is providing a completely new and more exciting mobile banking experience to its existing and prospective customers with the new PolarisMobile App.

Polaris Mobile App offers more convenience to users once properly set up, giving them easy access to banking services 24/7, with lots of self-service functionalities.

However, in other to properly set up your PolarisMobile App to also be among those enjoying the completely new and more exciting mobile banking experience, to details will be required or you for sure.How Can I Use Polaris Mobile App Without Having ATM Card?

How To Set Up Polaris Mobile App

It’s very important to know the details that are very much required of you so as to be able to use the mobile app too.

To register your Polaris Mobile Banking App which you most have successfully downloaded from your application store, you will be required to provide or enter details like:

01) Enter your Account Number
02) Enter your Mobile Number
03) Debit Card
04) In Branch

These are options to register which you just have to choose from. But remember that you will also have to download the mobile app. And below guide will help you to do just that.

Polaris Mobile Banking App Download

Well trust me when I say that Polaris Bank Mobile Application Download is really simple and easy as long have you have an internet connection and download space on your device.

So to download, you will have to visit your application store (Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPad and iPhone) and proceed to search for Polaris Mobile Banking App, once you find it, then you can proceed to download by clicking on install.

After that is done, then you can proceed to install your mobile app which any of the options (Account, Debit Card, or In branch) available for you to choose from.

‎Polaris Mobile Banking App exciting features

Some of the exciting features of the new PolarisMobile App Self-registration options with a debit card or account are as follows:

  • Auto-enrollment of linked accounts of the same customers
  • Faster login with fingerprint on devices that support this feature
  • Increased default transaction limits at registration
  • Self-service option for transaction limit increase
  • Send Money to extended beneficiary’s destinations (Commercial Banks, Micro-Finance Banks, Primary Mortgage Banks, etc.)
  • Buy Airtime for self, family & friends
  • Pay Bills (Bet9Ja, DSTV/GoTV, Startimes, EKEDC, etc)
  • Hide/show balance, Reset/Change PIN, etc (under Profile Settings)
  • 24-hour customer service support via live chat
  • ATM/Branch locator
  • Quick selection of phone numbers from device contacts list for airtime top-up

And lots more but not forgotten to also let you know that Polaris card offers convenience, delivers unprecedented benefits and opportunities as well as provide incredible purchasing power and financial flexibility.

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Types or Polaris Card

Polaris cards offer you the convenience of global acceptance that comes in 3 variants:

01) Credit Cards
02) Debit Cards
03) Prepaid Cards

So that is just it. And trust me when I say that once you download the app, then you will also see other things that will surely amaze you.

I believe that questions like How Can I Use Polaris Mobile App Without Having an ATM Card? How To Download Polaris Mobile Banking App? is now answered after the above understanding?

Nevertheless, you can also use the comment section below in asking more questions about the Polaris Mobile App. Thanks


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