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One of the ways to start a meaningful relationship is to activate Facebook Dating. The Facebook Dating app has made it easier for people around the world to connect with persons with like minds and common interests.

Having a romantic partner is as important as building tangible relationships and this is because every one of us wants to find love and be loved in a certain kind of way. The need to be accepted and loved which in turn leads to something meaningful and rewarding is the whole point of dating isn’t it?

But despite these desires, there is the possibility of rejection. A lot of people today are hiding under the notion of “relationships are so stressful” and have continued to shy away from Dating despite wanting a romantic partner.

The Facebook Dating Site with its amazing features makes it easier to find love and interestingly, reduced the possibility and fear of rejection many singles shy away from.

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Features of Facebook Dating

Here are some unique features that make Facebook Dating a suitable option if you’re looking to have a romantic relationship.

  • Dating profile

What better way to have people with similar interests, across books, events, and groups connect with you rather than have a profile that clearly states your interests?

The Facebook Dating site makes it easier to create a Dating profile from scratch or an almost-ready profile based on suggestions from the site which also allows you the opportunity to edit or leave out what you may not like.

  • Block settings

Amongst the numerous settings on the Facebook Dating Site, being able to block Facebook users you want to be exempted from seeing your dating profile.

This feature also allows you to choose users that you would not like to be suggested to And as the name implies, it helps you to block users that you find their chats offensive or not suitable to your liking.

  • Secret crush

Has there been time when you had a huge crush on someone but couldn’t tell the person and kept it a secret, but somehow a friend helps you by letting your crush know about the secret crush you have on them and voila! it turns out that he/she has a crush on you too? Well, in this case, that FRIEND is Facebook Dating.

This feature allows you to build a list of secret crushes from either your Facebook or Instagram friends, your crush gets a notification of this if they are on the Facebook Dating Site. Your crush can then decide to add you to their secret crush list, which means they are a match or vice versa.

  • Facebook Dating Stories

This feature is very similar to Facebook and Instagram stories where you get to show your list of friends and secret crushes who you are at a glance rather than just telling them through your Dating profile.

How To Activate Facebook Dating Site

Below are easy and simple steps you can follow to achieve a Facebook Dating site Activation;

  1. To get started, you need to have a Facebook profile to be eligible to activate the Facebook Dating site.
  2. Go to your Facebook app, click on the three line menu option which is on the top right-side of the app.
  3. Select “Dating” from the options displayed. In some cases, that the Dating option is not displayed, scroll down, click on more and the Dating option should be displayed.
  4. Click on Get started.
  5. A set of Questions should pop up, follow through with the instructions and answer the Questions appropriately.
  6. Most of the details needed to set up your profile would be imported from the Facebook account linked to your phone. You can choose to either follow through with the suggested Dating profile or set up your Dating profile from the scratch.
  7. Review your your profile details, tap confirm to publish your profile.
  8. After completing your profile, post changes can be made from the shortcuts option in the three line menu.

NOTE: if you don't see the dating icon from the menu, that means you have to update your Facebook app and then check again

How To Use Facebook Dating

One unique feature of the Facebook Dating site that makes it easy to use is that it recommends your profile to friends and people who have the Facebook Dating profile activated.

Below are a few tips on how to navigate your way around using the site;

  • Set your preferred criteria for potential matches using the ideal match tab settings.
  • To up your game for getting good recommendations based on similar interests and events, update information about yourself with specifics. This can include information about your job, the school you attended, hometown, age, hobbies and interests, etc
  • To use the site better and get the best of it, Get familiar with the Matches, Gear, Profile and Liked you Icon buttons.

Is Facebook Dating Good?

Unlike other Dating Apps, Facebook Dating is a better alternative because it’s free to use. But this is not to say that there is a guarantee that it is the best option for online dating. It is best recommended for casual and short-term relationships.

If you’re looking to explore the world of dating as a newbie, this guide on how to activate Facebook Dating is recommended to easily connect you with people who share your interests and similar activities.

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