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How To Apply For 2019 Standard Chartered Bank Internship Programme

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How To Apply For 2019 Standard Chartered Bank Internship Programme

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2019 Standard Chartered Bank internship Programme accept internship applications from those in second to last year of undergraduate study. Here is how you can Apply for the Internship programme and the basic requirements needed from an Applicant

The Basic information you need to know concerning this Programme has been given in this article, Just read it carefully and see the steps to apply for FREE. The Standard Chartered Bank is recruiting for the Position “Internship Programme 2019 – Global Banking“.

About the internship programme

The Formal Internship Programme is the Bank’s structured Internship programme. As an intern, in the summer before your final year as a student, you’ll work directly on real-world problems to hone your skills, create lasting relationships and learn about your strengths.

It intends to create a pipeline for the International Graduate Programme.

  • Internships is a 10-week program, depending on location, and are open to candidates who are available to start on our full-time graduate programmes in September 2020.
  • Internships typically take place during June – August, depending on location.
  • The 10-week program will involve on-the-job training and an innovation project which exposes you to the inner workings of our business to provide real work experience.
  • You’ll be paired up with a buddy from the International Graduate (IG) Programme and to set you up for success during your internship and provide you insights into what could be your next role as an IG.
  • You’ll be assigned a mentor who will provide you with ongoing guidance and mentorship throughout the internship.
  • High performing Interns will be eligible for placement in the Bank’s International Graduate Programme.

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2019 Standard Chartered Bank Internship Programme


See the requirement to apply for the programme below

  1. Only candidates who have the legal right to work in the country to which they are applying are considered. If candidates are applying for a role in the UAE, The Bank may consider applications from nationals of Middle Eastern and North African countries.
  2. Interns must be in their penultimate (second to last) year of undergraduate study. The Bank will accept internship applications from final year students who are required to complete mandatory National or Military service after graduation.

NOTE: The Bank does not sponsor work permits for the purposes of Internships.

How To Apply

Interested Applicants Should Click on the link below to apply.


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