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How To Apply For Quickteller Loan At

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How To Apply For Quickteller Loan At

Miracle 2 min read No Comments

Do you own a Quickteller account and you want to Apply for Quickteller loan? Will you want to know what it takes to Apply for loan on Quickteller? then this is one right article you should carefully read to the end. In Applying for Loan, you must first meet it’s criteria, only then can it be given to you. is a Platform where you can send / Receive payments, Pay Bills, buy airtime and also shop Online, So if you make use of this Platform very well, mostly for your day-to-day activities, then you might be eligible to Request for loan from quickteller.

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If you need to pay School fees, Start a Business or do other valuable things with cash, then Applying for Loan on Quickteller isn’t a bad step to take as long as you’ve been using the platform for your transactions.

To be fit for Quickteller Loan, then you should know that your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility.

How To Apply For Quickteller Loan At

Follow the steps given below to Apply for Loan on

  • From your Browser, Visit the official Page of quickteller at
  • At the top right, Click “Login”
  • In the space provided, Enter your Email address or phone number
  • Enter your Password
  • Click on Login to access the your Quickteller Dashboard
  • On the Dashboard, Click on Request loan at the left side of the page
  • Next, Enter the Amount you want to apply for, Enter your account number
  • Select your bank and Click on ContinueHow To Apply For Quickteller Loan At
  • Then select from the available Loan options
  • Enter the Card details to be credited and debited: Card Number, expiry, CVV, PIN
  • Then Click Accept Offer

Remember: Your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility

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