How To Change Facebook Page Name For Your Business

Your Facebook Business Name is how people can identify your business and possibly remember any time they want to search for it on and also, your Business name is the one that solely represents and reflects what your page is truly all about. So here is a method to Change Facebook Page Name for Your Business without stress.

When Changing your business name, there are some criteria that are needed from you. For Instance, You can not change a Facebook Business name if you are not an admin of that page. And changing your page name won’t affect its username.

Facebook will do well to review your name changes to protect the identity of the businesses, brands, and organizations that its Pages represent. Make sure that when you are changing your name, you should use a name that currently matches your business.

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Before you change your Facebook Business page name, You must First Login to your Facebook account. So Without much ado, Simply follow the steps below to Login and change Your page name with ease.

Facebook Login ( Sign In)

  • From Your browser, Visit
  • Enter your Registered Email Address or phone number
  • Enter your password and click on Login

How To Change Facebook Page Name

Changing your Page name is requesting for it to be reviewed and properly changed after the time given. In most cases, Your page name can be changed immediately.

  1. On your Facebook Dashboard, CLick on the arrow at the top and Select your Business name (See image below)How To Change Facebook Page Name For Your Business
  2. On Your Business Page, Click on “About” on the left side (If you don’t see it, click on See more and click on About)
  3. Then click Edit next to your Page’s name.
  4. Enter your new Page name and click Continue.
  5. Finally, Review your request and click Request Change.

That’s the simple steps needed to change the Facebook business Name page with ease. You can also refer to our article on How To Edit Or Change Business Page Name for more clarification.

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Meanwhile, tell us about your Facebook Business Name and what your business is all about by using the COMMENT BOX Below. Share this article with friends on your Social Media Account So that they can also know about it.


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