Believe me when I say that we understand how important it is for you to Learn How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Or Via your School that you are applying for. Meanwhile, is not just you. Many people have been asking and longing to know how to check admission status on jamb caps.

Following the fact that you really know what you are really looking for, Here in this post, we’ll be making this process in checking admission status on jamb caps very brief for you.How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS (Video Tutorial)

Remember that this post is to guide you on the steps and procedures on how to check your admission on jamb caps. CENTRAL ADMISSION PROCESSING SYSTEM.

How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

Note that is more batter to use chrome browser or any other Browser that is faster when every you are accessing the internet. So check below to see the steps

Visit it will show on JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD, click on create e-facility/account login.

NOTE: To ByPass this process, you can use this link IF the first link does not work for you, use this one

Step 2:
Login to your Account with your e-mail address and password. Remember to be very careful while login in your account to avoid entering wrong e-mail and password.

Scroll up and click on “check 2018 utme/ De admission on CAPS”. click on the red arrow on the top right-hand side. Then scroll up and click on request desktop site.

By your lift hand side click on admission status it will show candidate profile >>> click on search >>> it will show you full details about you like: Jamb score, institution, date of birth, etc.

Then if you have been offered admission, you will see congratulations you have been offered admission if you are not, it will show <<<Not admitted>>> NOTE: You Will Have to keep on checking don’t lose hope yet.

Once you have been offered admission and you like the school, Then click on accept to accept the admission or click on reject to reject the admission. thank you thank you

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So this is why you check your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS. For the Video Tutorial, you can check out the below video.

Video Tutorials on How to Check 2018 Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal – Accept/Reject Guide


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