How To Create Facebook Group Page On

To Create Facebook group page is different from when you create facebook business page and here is an article that will give you the clear details on how you can create a group whereby you are the admin of that group.

In a previous article, we tutor you on the easy method to Join Facebook Groups and how to also search for Groups on Facebook. But in this particular one, you will learn how to create a group yourself from your Facebook Account in order to become the admin of that group.

When you create a group from your Facebook account and become the admin of that group, you can share any commercial or business affiliations in the group, as well as updating the group if affiliations change, you also have the right to approve post that is made by members on the group and more. But the main thing is to first set up the group. Read on as we will show you how to go about it.

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Whether you want to create a group for a business, a set of people/colleagues, a prayer group, seminar, tutorials, and the likes of them, the steps given here takes care of your need provided you have a Facebook account.

Facebook Sign In ( login)

First thing first, before you create your Group, you will have to sign in to your Account, follow the steps below to sign in.

  • From your browser, go to
  • In the Sign-in form, enter your Facebook email address or mobile number
  • Enter the password and click on login

How To Create Facebook Group Page

  1. After taking the steps above to sign in to your account, click on “Create” in the top right side of your Facebook homepage and select Group
  2. Enter the name you wish to call the group, add group members using their names or email addresses, choose the group privacy setting
  3. Click on Create How To Create Facebook Group Page On

Your Group will be up and running, you can easily share photos and videos, have conversations, make plans and more with group members.

You can equally create your group from the Facebook mobile app. see the steps below.

Steps To Create Group On Android

If you have your Facebook App, then it is easier. But if you don’t, simply visit you google play store to download the Facebook App.

  • Open your Facebook Mobile App and click on the Hamburger line [≡] at the top right
  • Then Tap Groups and tap +Create  in the top right
  • Enter the name you want to use for the group, add group members, choose a privacy setting, and Tap Create

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You can always update the group by changing the group description and making announcement anytime you want, that makes you an admin of that group.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask any question on this method to create facebook group page by using the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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