How To Create Twitter Live Videos | Twitter App Live Streaming

Create Twitter Live Videos when you read up the easy guide on how to go about Twitter App Live Streaming. Twitter is one platform that exposes you to what is happening around the world and so you can tell the world what’s happening when you go Live on

You can stream live on Twitter and reach a large number of audience. But before you start you will have to Create Twitter Account so that you can Sign in with your registered username in order to Use the Live Streaming features.

For so many reasons, you will love to stream live on Instagram just Like when You Go Live On You can choose to pass messages to your families and friends through live broadcast Or you can make your voice heard worldwide. Whatever Reason it may be, the simple guide given here will show you on how to go about it.

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With Twitter Live Broadcast, you can:

  • Share Your Story As it Happens
  • Let People Watch what they are tweeting about
  • Engage enough followers especially if it is concerning your business. You can read this Twitter For Business Article to learn how to grow your business.

One thing you will love about using these features is that Twitter Provide all the easy to use tools to make sure you Live broadcast can be done easily. The Live broadcast on Twitter is Powered by “Periscope” to share what is happening Live.

Twitter App Live Streaming Steps

Follow the steps given below to Create Live Videos on Twitter App:

  1. Open your Twitter App and Login With your Details
  2. From the Home Timeline, Swipe Left and tap on the Camera Icon from the Composer
  3. Then tap on the Live Mode at the bottom Selector
  4. Enter a Description if you want and click on “Go Live
  5. You can start broadcasting Now.

After you finish your broadcast, you can press the stop button on the top left and follow the promptings that appear on the menu.

That’s All. With the steps above, You can share your Live videos with Friends and families, even Connect with the world.

Tell us what you think on this Twitter App Live Streaming Steps are given here by using the COMMENT BOX Below. Also, Share this article on your Social Media Account So that others can know about it.


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