How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account | Account Deletion

I guess before you start thinking of How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account you must have some reason of doing just that even regardless of knowing the All the Benefits of having Bet9ja account.

Meanwhile, We understood that most people who really want to Learn How to Delete Bet9Ja Betting Account are registered users who are having some challenge probable on how to change bank account on bet9ja, how to delete bet history on bet9ja and even on how to reset a bet9ja account and more, but what every your own reason might be, it is very good you understand that Bet9ja is one of the leading betting companies in Nigeria with both online and offline betting platforms in almost every part of Nigeria.

BET9JA What launched four years ago, on the 10th of September 2013 and since then almost all Nigerian Yought has been using this platform as a way to make daily money and more following the 100 percent welcome bonus for new members that what to Sign Up Bet9ja Account Online.

How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account is one thing you are just very sure in learning here in this post today, but then it is also good you know that Bet9ja has no provision where registered users can log in access the delete account page. Unlike other Online Platform that most likely place to navigate for account deletion is Profile Account Settings or Privacy settings or Settings.

What You MUST Know Before Deletion of your Bet9ja Account

If you still want to delete you Bet9ja account, you should remember or rather take not of this following listed out below:

1. As soon as you confirm that you want to proceed with the deletion of your Bet 9 Ja Account, Bet9ja would not honor any request to cancel the process afterward.

2. Once you’ve successfully deleted your Bet9ja Account, you cannot reverse it again.

3. You can not use the same Email Address you used to open the deleted account to Open New Bet9ja Account later.

4. Finally, Like you should know by now that Once your Bet9ja Account is deleted Successfully, you will not be able to play on Online Betting Site again and your username will no longer be available.

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So this is the main important things to note before you can proceed to see How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account. And like I also said in the beginning that doing this is very must possible and ever simple.

How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account

To delete your account, you will need to contact the Bet9ja customer care line. They will help you to remove your account completely from their system. But first, you will have to log in your account for the last time in doing just that. So for your Bet9ja Account Deletion:

1. Log on to the official website with your browser and Login your Account with your Login IDHow to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account | Account Deletion

2. Once that is done then click on the “CONTACT US” link that just as shown in this Image belowHow to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account | Account Deletion

3. You will see “If you would like to contact us for any reason then please fill out the form below. We try to answer all messages within 48 hours. SEND US A MESSAGE” Just click on the SEND US A Account Deletion

4. Now, Enter or fill in the required details needed like:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Select the ISSUE and the SUBJECT OF THE MESSAGE which is Delete My account
And Finally your Message

5. So once you are done entering this required details then click on SEND.

At this point, you are just very much good to go. But remember that your request will be taking into activation within 48 hours.

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Alternative way For Account Deletion

You can as well delete your Account by also calling Bet9ja customer service. So once you contact them your problem will be also solved. However, below is the Contact Info:

To Contact our call center, dial 01-2796666
(Operating hours are 08:00 to 21:00).

Nevertheless, you can as well use our comment box below if in case you still have any question or opinion about this guide on How to Delete My Bet9Ja Betting Account.

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  1. Panira

    I just want to open online account but when insert my address it keep shwin m
    e that the phone number has been used by other client which is me


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