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How To Join The Safelink Wireless program – – Most Lovely people out there know Safelink to be a Wireless Free Call Phone & Minutes Program with popular assistance and support program for low-income earning families, Which only qualified persons and families that can apply for the safelink program. is the web link of Safelink. So now, what is Safelink? the state you live in determined the major factor that can affect the qualification for this program. For not to be guided by the above factor,

  • Then you must be a participant in other state
  • You are a Participant in the federal assistance programs
  • That your total household income is already at or below poverty guidelines
  • When no one in your family has Lifeline Service right at the moment
  • That you have a valid United States postal address.

The SAFELINK is totally free, no bills, contracts, credit checks or hidden charges and Once the SafeLink Wireless Free Call Phone & Minutes Program is apply, 250 free minutes call time monthly for both local and international calls, texting and more is entitled to you. One amazing thing about this is that without spending a dime for your connection, it helps you to stay connected with family, loved once and also friends. Get more details at

How to apply for the SafeLink Wireless Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program

Please be sure you have met with the criteria above and the requirements below before you apply for the Safelink wireless program.

  • A computer with internet access.
  • You need to be qualified for the application.
Step By Step Guide on how to Apply for Safelink Wireless program -
  • Kindly visit the SafeLink Wireless Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program website at
  • Now enter your zip code into the required box and click on the “GO” button.
  • Click on the “Apply” button marked.
  • Kindly fill the form by entering your real name and house address into the required fields, choose a security question and provide an answer for it, enter your correct contact information and the confidential information into the required boxes, provide all other important information, and click on the “Next” button.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the application process and you’re done.

Please note that you can also visit the web about page at to read more About Safelink Wireless program – and TracFone Wireless, also more about the SafeLink WireLess Free Call Phone & Minutes Program

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