How To Relocate To USA Without A Sponsor or Job – USA Relocation Form 2022

Do you know that you can relocate to USA (United States of America) without employment later or any form of sponsorship? Well, read this article to know how to go about the USA Relocation Form 2022 without stress or having to pay a huge amount of money.

Relocate To USA

This process you are about to know is not known by most people as everyone knows that you have to get a sponsor or employment letter or even through marriage before you can relocate to the United States.

As a result of that, most people have been frustrated trying to relocate to the United States and most of us have lost millions of money trying to work the relocation out.

But it will interest you to know that you don’t even need to have a Ph.D. to be able to relocate, trust me if you have exceptional abilities, you can find your way down there.

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Now, there is a category called the EB-1A VISA. This EB-1A Visa is for those that have exceptional ability in;

  1. Science
  2. Art
  3. Education
  4. Business
  5. Athletics

When these exceptional abilities are there, trust me when I say you don’t need any form of employment letter or someone sponsoring you before you can relocate to the United States.

Applying for relocation is easy as A, B, C, D, and all you have to do is to pay proper attention to this article and you’ll be very much good to go.


To be able to relocate without issues via the EB-1A visa, you’ll need evidence of your extraordinary abilities – like an award, publications, business portfolios, or documentation.

Also, if your work has been published in a gallery or anywhere, you can use it to relocate with ease.

You have to be aware that if given the EB-1A VISA, you must limit yourself to the kind of area you are focused on in your own country e.g if you are an artist, then when you get this Visa, you have to continue in that artist line.

How To Apply

Applying is easy. There is a form called the “I-140“. You will need to fill out the form by answering the questions and inputting the required details. The form cost $700

After filling out the form, make the payment and you are good to go.

You can get the Form I-140 and follow instructions to complete it

However, if you have any questions on this method to Relocate To USA Without A Sponsor or Job – USA Relocation Form 2022, feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media accounts so that others can learn from it.

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