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How To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later

miracle 2 min read No Comments

How To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later

Miracle 2 min read No Comments

Previously, We gave you an article on how you can Download Facebook Video via FBDown and we guess you found it easy to now download and watch videos on your Device from Facebook. In this Article, we will tutor you on how you can Save Facebook Videos on to watch Later. Carefully Read the steps here to See How.

It is easy to have this on your Facebook Account and watch them later when you can not quickly Download them. Those Comedy, news, messages and every other kind of Video that you find important and will want to watch them again can be saved.

Facebook is a social media Platform where personal to business adverts and fun are being displayed. And We can find videos which are interesting and also educative on this Platform.

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Most at times, this videos appears on our News feed and before you know it, you won’t see them again, So the best you should do is to have them saved to your device the moment you see them to avoid loosing it.

How To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later

You can do this on your PC by following the steps given below;

  1. Go to from your PC browser
  2. Login with your Email address and Password
  3. Now Go to your News-feed and Look for the Video you want to Save, Or Simply search for the Video you want by using the Search Bar
  4. Once it comes Out, Select the Video you want.
  5. Next, Click on the 3-dots at the right downside of the Video
  6. Finally Click on Save Video and the video will be saved to your Facebook Account to watch later.How To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later

Facebook can remind you of the saved video later, so that you can watch them. To view you saved Video, Simply Follow the Steps below:

How to View Facebook Saved Video on Facebook

  1. On your Facebook Homepage On your PC, Look at the left side of the page
  2. Where it says “Saved” Click on it
  3. It will open your Saved Video, Click on the Video to Play it.

For Mobile Device; See the Steps below

  • Open your Facebook app for Android or iPhone,
  • Search or open a post with video content that you will love to save.
  • Then Tap once on the video to make all the options appear
  • Tap on the vertical 3-dots under the video
  • Next, Tap on “Save Video” and that video will be saved in your Facebook AccountHow To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later

If you want to watch the video later, you can tap on the hamburger icon in the Facebook app and then choose the Saved video and Tap on it to watch.

That’s All.

Hope the Steps above was Simple? Let us hear what you think on How To Save Facebook Videos On Facebook To Watch Later by using the COMMENT BOX Below.


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