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How To Schedule Facebook Post For Your Page –

miracle 2 min read No Comments

How To Schedule Facebook Post For Your Page –

Miracle 2 min read No Comments

Do you run a facebook page on your Account? Then you should know that your audience expect a lot from you every now and then, With that – you have to learn the basic steps to Schedule Facebook post on your Page. To Stay connected to your audience is one requirement needed to growing whatever your page is for.

Posting regularly to your Page gives your followers an opportunity to engage with you. You can schedule a post ahead of time, just in case you’ll be away or want to try a new way of managing your content.

You can only schedule a Post if you are an admin of that Page or an editor or manages the Page. It is easy and as well as very fast to schedule your post.

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You can Schedule post on your Page to:

  1. Grow your Audience
  2. Get them Engaged
  3. Keep your Page Current
  4. Get Social Media presence and Lots more.

How To Schedule Facebook Post For Your Page

  • Go to
  • Open your Page and Start creating your post at the top of your Page’s timeline
  • Click The Arrow next to Publish and select ScheduleHow To Schedule Facebook Post For Your Page -
  • Below Publication, select the date and time when you want the post to publish
  • Click Schedule

It is as easy as that.

To reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post:
  1. Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  2. Click Scheduled Posts in the left column
  3. Then Click the post you want to edit
  4. Click Edit to edit the post, or click the arrow to choose to publish, reschedule or delete it

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