How To Set Up BBNaija Parental Control On DStv And GOtv

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Are you a DStv and GOtv subscriber who wishes to set up BBNaija Parental Control to protect the interest of your child or children? Then here is an article carefully prepared for you to know how to go about it as Big Brother Naija season 5 is ongoing now and based on the fact that it is rated 18+, you really need to take preventive measures to prevent your kids from accessing the reality tv show’s contents.

The reason for setting up parental control is to protect what your children watch especially when you are not around. BBNaija is a reality show that has been for a long time and we all know what the reality show is all about especially some of the adult content display

Because of that, you should prevent your kids from viewing it and that is why it is rated 18+. due to the nature of BBNaija, the show is rated 18, so because of that, you can simply set parental control or channel block so as you will be reassured that your children aren’t viewing an adult-rated show.

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How To Set Up BBNaija Parental Control

To setup/activate parental control, carefully follow the guidelines given below.

For DStv

  • From your remote, press the blue “DStv” button
  • Scroll to settings
  • Select “Parental Control” and next, select PG settings
  • Enter 1234 as default pin and then change global blocking to personalize
  • To activate, scroll to PARENTAL CONTROL and select 18
  • Alternatively, you can switch on channel blocking
  • Select blocked channels to choose the channel number you intend to block (Ch. 198 for BBNaija) and press OK

You can Opt-Out of viewing the channel completely. As a DStv customer, send “Smart card number [space] BBOUT” to 30333.

For GOtv

  1. From your remote, press the Menu or GOtv (green button)
  2. Then navigate down and select “Parental Control”
  3. Enter 1234 as your default pin, then change global blocking to personalize
  4. To activate, scroll down to “Parental Guidance Settings” and select 18
  5. Alternatively, you can select Block Channels
  6. Choose the channel you want to block (Ch. 29 for BBNaija) and press OK

You can Opt-Out of viewing the channel completely. As a GOtv customer, all you have to do is to simply send “IUC Number [space] BBOUT” to 4688.

If you have any questions on this method to Set Up BBNaija Parental Control, feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can learn from it.

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