How To Set Up New Facebook Account | Registration

It is easy To Set up a New Facebook Account especially when you are ready to meet and chat with friends from around the world. Facebook is one wonderful community that lets you connect with friends, follow interesting topics and more when you sign up on the Platform.

This is a platform that let you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Also, you can meet new friends from other part if the country. By so doing you chat, Share photos, Videos and know what is happening in other places just like Twitter Platform.

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This Set-Up A New FB Account Article given here answers all these search queries, So if you’ve been searching for any of the Query below, Then this article is for you.

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There are lots of things you can do on Facebook – See photos and updates from friends, follow top celebrities and see their posts, create and join a group, watch videos, Organize gathering using Facebook Events and more.

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The Above mentioned can be done on the Social Community. But First, you must create an account and be able to login to your Dashboard. There is a law that Facebook also set up that only 13 years old and above can register on its platform. I believe you are up to that age that’s why you are here.

So without much delay, Check out the easy steps given below.

How To Set Up New Facebook Account

It is easy, fast and also free to set up a New Account, Simply use any of the methods given below.

Method 1: Using Your Personal Computer (PC) Or Mobile Browser

  1. From your PC or Mobile Browser, Go to
  2. On the page, Enter your Real Name (First & last Name)
  3. Provide your Phone Number Or Email Address
  4. Create a Strong Password
  5. Pick your Date of Birth (Day, Month & Year)
  6. Select your Gender and Click on Sign Up
  7. Next, Confirm your Email Address or Phone Number to successfully create your account.How To Set Up New Facebook Account | Registration

Method 2: Download Facebook App To Sign Up

Most Smartphone comes with the Facebook App already installed in them. While in most cases you have to visit your Mobile Store to Download. Whichever one it is, You can sign Up using the Facebook Mobile App. The Steps have been given below.

  1. Download Facebook Mobile App from your Mobile Store if you don’t have it
  2. After a Successful download, Open the Facebook App
  3. Tap On “Create New AccountHow To Set Up New Facebook Account | Registration
  4. On the next page Enter your Real name and Tap Next
  5. Then Select Your Date of Birth and Tap “Next”
  6. Select your Gender and Tap Next
  7. Now, Provide your mobile phone number and Tap Next (To Sign up with an Email Address, Tap on Sign Up With Email Address).
  8. Next, Create Your Password and Click Next
  9. Then Click on Sign Up and finally Confirm your Email or Phone number to successfully create your account.

It’s as Simple as that. You are now part of the Facebook Community. Meanwhile, Make sure to keep your account safe from hackers by using the method we have given in this article SEE: How To Keep Facebook Account Secure From Hackers or Friends

New Facebook Account Login

You can login to your Facebook account from any device as long as there is a good internet connection.

  • Go to
  • Enter your registered email address or phone number
  • Enter your password and click login

If you are logging in with the app, simply open the app and enter the login details.

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Hope this method to Set Up New Facebook Account was Simple? Kindly use the COMMENT BOX Below to reach us with your questions. Also, feel free to share this article with friends on your Social Media Account so that they can also know about it.


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